#SMX West and Lisa Buyer Share How Facebook, Twitter and #LI Paid Works


Facebook likesPaying to play? It’s against my public relations religion. That’s what Lisa Buyer would say five years ago if asked if she would be advocating the integration of paid advertising to amplify social media, public relations news and brand content. But today the lines of paid, earned and owned are blurred by the alluring potential of social media, and paying to play is a strategy that works to amplify, promote, scale, target and get deeper in the newsfeed.

Engagement: You have to earn it first!

Buying your competition out of the newsfeed will no longer be the carte blanche it used to be. Sponsored stories are out and now brands will need to step up to the plate in creating an engaging social media experience. One that will gain organic shares and interaction first, then you can pay to play!

SMXTrying to figure out how to make Facebook, Twitter and other social sharing sites work for your business? Learn the essentials of social media in just one day by attending Social Media Marketing Boot Camp at Search Marketing Expo – SMX West, March 11–13! Learn about paid social advertising and how to command your business’ reach in the exciting Social Media Marketing Boot Camp session Facebook for Business & Other Paid Social Media Opportunities featuring guest speaker Lisa Buyer.

Blend in Social Paid to the Community Management Mix

Having a company page is not enough. You need to know how to properly engage new and repeat customers. Facebook’s ever-changing algorithm that determines who will see your posts can be frustrating. Why does one post reach thousands but another hundreds? It’s time to take control of your company’s reach and learn how to add social paid to the community management mix and use targeted advertising opportunities that ensure your audience sees your message when it matters.

Buyer – CEO of The Buyer Group, author of Social PR Secrets and named one of the top Digital Strategists for 2013 – offers attendees insight into her first-hand experiences with paid social media advertising. Whether or not you will be personally responsible for managing your business’ pages, it’s important to know advertising strategies so your marketing dollars will be well-spent.

Lisa Buyer will tour you through the best practices of today’s paid side of social media so you can:

  • Develop: Understand the stages of social media fan growth, engagement and conversion

  • Budget: Before spending money on social paid, learn what’s IN and OUT when it comes to building a community on Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn

  • Personalize: Promote the right content to reach the right audience and use social media customized targeting

  • Efficiency: Discover shortcuts to ad types that get the most success and how to cut through the Facebook clutter

  • Tactical: Receive a checklist of what you need to know about social paid for Facebook, Twitter and other social media channels

  • Analyze: Measuring what matters in social paid through analytics and insights

  • Strategy: Explore strategies and tactics needed for your business to grow in Facebook as well as other paid social media opportunities

  • Examples: Real world examples of other brands doing it right using social paid

  • Graduate: Leave with a working knowledge about advertising options on various social media platforms

The brand advocacy and social paid connection

“As a brand you are either building, maintaining or growing trust and in some cases earning it back,” said Buyer in an interview with Blitzmetrics. “Coming from a public relations angle, the stronger relationship you can build in the beginning; the better.”

If you are introduced to a brand via a friend or third party trusted source, the trust factor is higher. Brands delivering selfless content designed to educate, entertain or help the prospects make smarter decisions and become a resource will create an army of brand advocates in the end.

It’s time to get the most out of your social media accounts! Do just that with the Facebook for Business & Other Paid Social Media Opportunities session. The Social Media Marketing Boot Camp sessions are included in SMX All Access passes or tickets can be purchased separately. Register here to be a part of SMX West, the three-day conference devoted to all aspects of search, online and social media marketing!

Read more news the SMX West Boot Camp from Lisa Buyer here:


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