Smoking SEO, Brewing Social, Liking Local at SMX Advanced Day Two


Searching in Seattle at #SMX AdvancedIn case you missed the #SMX social signals from yesterday, check out my guest blog post Yes Virginia, Tweeting is SEO on Bruce Clay’s blog.

Today is sure to deliver some Seattle SEO brew. The social signals from networks like Facebook and Twitter have search marketers smoking the Likes and drinking the Tweets. Today’s line up of sessions will stir the SEO pot. Highlights include iconic and animated Marty Weintraub who always delivers the latest Killer Facebook Marketing tactics with passion. The day is capped with one of my other all time faves: Will Scott, (@w2scott) President, Search Influence will give us the local motion on Hardcore Local SEO Tactics to go well beyond blocking and tackling. Like yesterday, I’ll be live tweeting and blogging for Bruce Clay.

Facebook Ads, Meet Search Ads – You know search ads cold. But do you know Facebook ads, and how they can get you into the pre-search cycle? There are many synergies between them. In this session, how to tap into Facebook ads to help your search marketing efforts.
Moderator: Elisabeth Osmeloski, Managing Editor, Search Engine Land
Q&A Moderator: Kelly Gillease (@kellpickles), VP Marketing, Viator
Addie Conner, Director of Advertising, SocialCode
Sara Devine, Manager, Digital Media Integration, VW Marketing, Volkswagen of America
Marty Weintraub (@aimclear), CEO, aimClear

Yes, Virginia, Facebook Is SEO – With more than 600 million users, Facebook is more than just the topic of a popular Hollywood movie. It’s an alternative web, where people are “Liking” content with each other. But those Likes have an impact on the regular web, influencing both regular and social search results. Getting your content seen within Facebook helps get your content seen within search engines. This session looks at improving that Facebook visibility.
Moderator: Danny Sullivan, (@dannysullivan) Editor-in-Chief, Search Engine Land
Q&A Moderator: Jonathon Colman, (@jcolman) Internet Marketing Manager, REI
Tony Adam (@tonyadam), Director, Online Marketing, Myspace
Jeff Widman, (@jeffwidman) Facebook Analytics Expert, PageLever
Jim Yu, (@jimyu) CEO, BrightEdge

SEO & Social Media Track
Mega Session: SEO Vets Take All Comers – This PowerPoint-free panel is made up of veteran search engine optimization experts taking questions on SEO issues. Put your biggest challenges to them and come away with solutions.
Moderator: Danny Sullivan, (@dannysullivan) Editor-in-Chief, Search Engine Land
Alex Bennert, (@seosylph) In House SEO, Wall Street Journal
Greg Boser, (@GregBoser) SVP of Search Services, BlueGlass Interactive, Inc.
Bruce Clay (@bruceclayinc) President, Bruce Clay, Inc.
Vanessa Fox, (@vanessafox) Contributing Editor, Search Engine Land
Todd Friesen, (@oilman) Director of SEO, Performics
Stephan Spencer, (@sspencer) Founder of Netconcepts, Co-author of The Art of SEO,

Tools & Local Track
Hardcore Local SEO Tactics – Successful local SEO is largely a matter of proper blocking and tackling. But what can you do to gain an edge beyond following the boring “claim your Places Page, make your address and phone numbers consistent, etc.” advice? This session explores creative approaches to local SEO and tactics that go well beyond blocking and tackling.
Moderator: Matt McGee, (@mattmcgee) Executive News Editor, Search Engine Land
David Mihm, Designer + Local Search Marketer,
Will Scott, (@w2scott) President, Search Influence

Sleepless and searching in Seattle


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