Should You Break Up With Facebook?



Facebook goals social media social pr chatHave you heard the news? The algorithm just isn’t the same anymore, and there seems to be a social deficit disorder or a reach disfunction. Should you seek counseling, or break up with Facebook and find another social media lover?

Is This Social PR Relationship Over?

Brands are saying it. Copyblogger gave Facebook the finger and wiped out their page a few months ago. Marketers like Jabez Lebret said bye-bye to all the annoying baby photos, relationship updates, and newsfeed crack. Your CEO is ready to pull the plug. Let’s face it: internet marketers used to think Facebook was The One and Only, but now it’s more like The Big Flirt, the one who led us on and is now just stringing us along.

We’ve kept up with it with true dedication. Facebook worked in the past, and we worked for Facebook! Okay, organic reach is down now, but so what? We’re still getting qualified traffic and ROI, right? Maybe. You just have to work (and pay) for it.

Reminder: Facebook drives four times more traffic than any other social network according to a recent study by Shareoholic. That’s a tough one to leave.

If you think Facebook is still a legit marketing channel for your company and that the opportunity cost makes sense to you, then it’s time to prove it! Find out if Facebook really works for you by measuring what matters and drawing the line in the sand.

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Let’s Talk KPIs and Goals

Not too long ago, marketing and PR professionals were able to pitch it, post it, and forget it.  While that may have worked back then, times have changed. It’s not 2014 anymore, people! These days, asking two questions is vital:


  • What you want to get out of it?
  • How will you measure your effort’s effectiveness?


Why? Without key performance indicators (KPIs) and goals in place, how will you even know what content to create and promote?

First, ask yourself why your brand has a Facebook page. Is it the social network of choice for your target audience? Is it to build brand awareness? To grow subscriptions? To engage with your community? To deliver personalized customer service? Whether your goal is one or a combination of these, you need to identify it and then stick to it.

Once you know why your brand is on Facebook, it’s time to track your KPIs, which could stem from these five Facebook marketing goals:

  1. Brand Awareness:

    In this case, we’re just tracking awareness on Facebook. To do this, view your timeline, check your likes, and then see your numbers for “People talking about this.”

  2. Drive Traffic:

    If you’re checking Google Analytics, then you’re already on the right track. If not, learn how to get started with this Bruce Clay, Inc. article on setting up Google Analytics. Once logged in, use this path to see your Facebook traffic: Acquisition > Social > Network Referrals. But beware, sometimes Facebook URLs come in as other traffic like under Campaigns if you’re scheduling through a third party site, so make sure you’re looking at everything and consider using the Google URL Builder for easier tracking.

  3. Get Conversions:

    The best way to track this is to create a pixel on Facebook and add it to the back of the page after a conversion takes place (usually a confirmation, receipt, or thank you page).

  4. Grow Subscribers:

    Simply seeing your email list grow is one indicator, but if you want to make sure that spike is a direct result of sharing the form on Facebook, set up a pixel the same way you would for conversions. You can also use the Google URL Builder to share a special URL to track.

  5. Build Engagement:

    You can identify this through Facebook’s Insights. View Reach > Comments to see how many people are interacting with your posts. You can also view Posts to Page to see posts directly on your timeline.


Okay. You’ve got your goals and you know how to measure them, so now use them to help create meaningful content to will reach these goals. After a set amount of time, measure them and see if Facebook deserves that breakup letter or a second chance.

Need some help to reach your Facebook marketing goals? Check out this 15 Minute Social Media Audit by our friends at Buffer or contact The Buyer Group for a Social PR Audit today for a deeper dive into how your social media and public relations are working together!

Reported by Jennine Miller
Image Credit: Death to Stock and Shareaholic



  1. Nice post and I totally agree. Though I may be personally leaving Facebook, I’ve always said it is a still an amazing, if not better, platform for businesses to reach customers, prospects, recruits and more.

    Sometimes you just need to separate yourself from an environment to gain clarity. With Facebook, when I stepped away, I realized that I do not really get the full benefit I wanted out of the network so it is not best for me. Only about one billion people disagree with me on this note 🙂

    Thanks for posting!


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