ShopToEarth Social Circles Grow with Social Media What’s Next?


By Lisa Buyer @lisabuyer on Twitter

Lisa Buyer

Watching the ShopToEarth social circles grow online over the past few years is exciting and rewarding. It’s hard to believe many of ShopToEarth’s social media networks were launched less than 18 months ago, and now it seems a daily routine for us to wake up and check-in on Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and most recently Foursquare!

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We just hit the one-year anniversary of our Social Media Happy Hour Webinars, and speaking of anniversaries: YouTube just turned 5 years old! When we started the ShopToEarth Facebook Fan Page in January 2009, Facebook had 150 million users; today they’re pushing to 500 million users! Twitter started in 2006, and today has more than 100 million users sending 55 million Tweets. When ShopToEarth started on Twitter in January 2009, we were one of about 1 million users! 300,000 new users are joining each day!

The eco-friendly ShopToEarth network is an early adapter to social media, embracing it as a means to network and build relationships, and I’m happy to be able to share in this growth.

What’s next?

Now we have Foursquare checkins, bringing our network to a new geo-centric way of networking and adding to our eco-friendly way of shopping, saving and earning. With Foursquare we can share tips on places to go and see from city to city. Social media makes the world smaller, and I’m thankful to be part of the ShopToEarth social circle!

My next book:

If you are looking for a good read, check out The Facebook Effect: The Inside Story about the Company That is Connecting the World.

My next conference:

Search Engine Strategies Toronto, Canada – I will be speaking on the panel: Search. PR and the Social Butterfly and teaching a clinic: How to Socialize Your Website

My next vacation:

Seaside, Florida

My next concert:

Justin Beiber (with my daughter Kennedy)

My next movie:

Eat Pray Love


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