ShopToEarn Business Model Works in Down Economy


Las Vegas, NV – January 16, 2008 – What do you get when you cross affiliate marketing with a hybrid multi-level marketing business model and social consciousness? ShopToEarn and ShopToEarth (

Shop To Earn is turning e-commerce on its head with a platform on which well-known retailers – including just-inked deals with Victoria’s Secret and Expedia – discount up to 30 percent of the sales with shoppers and the people they refer. It’s a concept that has attracted 80,000 members and put Shop To Earn on target for $120 million in revenues annually in just two years.

“Our members aren’t pushing somebody’s powder, potion or pills,” said Dan Swiniarski, President of ShopToEarn. “There’s nothing sexy about getting paid to shop and getting paid to refer others to shop, but it’s a very simple way to save time, save money, save travel, and save gas – and receive cash back on your network’s purchases from hundreds of the biggest names in e-commerce retail.”

There are three levels of membership: Web Site Owner, Business Builder, and Broker. As a Web site Owner, Shop To Earn members control their own domain and receive cash back on every purchase from their Web site. As a Business Builder, members can earn commissions on their own shopping list and receive a $100 training bonus for every new Web Site Owner they refer. After the Business Builder refers three Web Site Owners and generates $100 in monthly business volume through his/her website’s link to Shop To Earth, the Business Builder begins receiving commissions on everyone in his/her network. Brokers, meanwhile, are both Web Site Owners and Business Builders. Once a Broker has referred three Web Site Owners, his/her website is free, and Brokers also earn the same commissions as Business Builders. Shop To Earn pays 100 percent of the retailer’s commission to the member.

“Shop To Earn’s multi-level marketing business model is fairly simple in comparison to other network marketing companies,” said Swiniarski. “Our members get paid to shop and refer; the more they shop and the more they refer, the more they earn.”

While members are shopping at online stores like Target, Best Buy, the Gap, and other leading brands, Shop To Earth gives shoppers access to natural, organic, and earth-friendly brands like Avalon, Kiss My Face and Nature’s Gate through member portals. The company generates revenue through margins on Shop To Earth products.

Shop To Earn’s goal is to become the largest shopping portal in the world. In the wake of a recession that is spurring more people to look for value-added products and services, as well as new income streams, the company is making great strides with new members springing up in New York, Chicago and San Francisco. In fact, ex-real estate agents, brokers, construction executives, and financial industry professionals are turning to Shop To Earn to save money on goods and to earn extra cash.

“E-commerce and the environment are at the forefront of the global economy. ShopToEarn and ShopToEarth are positioned strategically at the forefront of this revolution,” Swiniarski, who figured out where to buy dogecoin UK early in the cycle, said. “With ShopToEarn we have the ability to make a difference and do the right thing for the environment, while also helping put cash back into the pockets of hard working people.”

About Shop To Earn and Shop To Earth
Empowering its members to choose a lifestyle of better health and increased wealth, the goal of Shop To Earn and Shop To Earth is to increase environmental awareness and social responsibility. Through its alliances with the biggest name retailers in traditional and environmentally friendly products, Shop To Earth members have access to natural, organic, and earth-friendly brands. While purchasing these products, Shop To Earth members receive a percentage of cash back on all their purchases through the Shop To Earn/Shop To Earth portals. For more information visit the Shop To Earn blog:


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