For the Love of Online PR and Social Media


On Valentine’s Day The Buyer Group kicks off online PR ways to share the love. What a better way to communicate with potential customers than with the power of social media? The Buyer Group is happy to share our expertise and social networking know-how with your company and help you show your love where it really matters!

  • Share the love and become our fan on The Buyer Group’s Facebook Fan Page!
  • Follow us on our journey to spread the love with The Buyer Group Twitter!
  • Show some love to get some love with The Buyer Group’s Spring Discount blog for Beverly Hills Aesthetics.
  • See the love Online PR can bring you by visiting our Beauty and Breast Implant blog for Dr. Wigoda.
  • Feel the love and check out the great new site from Shop To Earn featuring online PR from The Buyer Group.

Interested in finding some online PR for yourself?  Contact us today!


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