SES Toronto: Lisa Buyer Moderates News Search and Social Media


The power of news search is growing by the minute as public relations and marketing professionals find new ways to optimize content and drive targeted traffic online.

Lisa Buyer, president and CEO of The Buyer Group, is kicking off SES Toronto tomorrow, moderating the panel Successfully Integrating Search & Social Media. Check out the interview below with Web Pro News as Buyer discusses news search, social media optimization and the latest tools The Buyer Group is using for its interactive public relations clients.

Socializing the press releases is one way companies can generate instant search gratification with tools like PitchEngine which allows for social content, text and links to be bundled in one powerful URL.

The untapped potential of social media for interaction between PR professionals, CEOs and the media is starting to be realized through resources such as Twitter’s #journchat and #Commentz.

Learn about these social media topics and more if you’re in Toronto and follow @lisabuyer for updates and insights on #SESToronto 2010.


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