#SEOChat Recap: Penguins, Panda, Pigeons. S-E-Oh my!


Goodbye #SEO, PR is the new king as Google’s updates continue to reward interesting content.

Don’t tap too hard on your laptop screen glass, a Google Panda, Penguin or Pigeon update might attack. The SEO way is becoming one of a zoo – with the recent dropping of the Pigeon update, Google has taken online search for a wild safari ride.

Last week’s #SEOchat, hosted by ThunderActive, felt like a field trip to the SEO Zoo! Google made 3 major algorithm changes as past guidelines and traditional search initiatives were becoming endangered species! Google gave some new life to the animal kingdom: Panda, Penguin, and Pigeon!

This roll out had significant updates and this #SEOChat had some mixed reviews. See below some of the top tweets from the chat.

The most reactions from the #SEOChat tweeps came from the last question “Do you fear future Google updates or look forward to them? #SEOchat”:


New Year, New SEO! Tune in to #SEOchat every Thursday on Twitter at 1:00 PM and save the date for Thursday, December 17 when our own, Lisa Buyer, is the guest host. She will be focusing on SEO education, guides, conferences and learning for 2015.


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