SEO #F Bombs and Social PR Tweet Offs You’ll Love from #Zenith2013

Marty Weintraub shows us the way to SocialCon 2013
Marty Weintraub shows us the way to SocialCon 2013.

If you ask aimClear’s Marty Weintraub, he’ll say SEO is f**ked. Ric Dragon, author of Social Marketology says SEO is all about relevancy. If you heard Joanna Lord’s latest keynote at Zenith SocialCon, she points to the influence of social loyalty and how it significantly impacts a brand’s search and social results. But recent name changes pointed to potential SEO game changes.

The Moz SEO News Bomb

Last week Moz, formally known as SEOmoz, announced a rebranding that chopped off a very important keyword: SEO. It makes total sense since the Seattle software company does so much more than just SEO since starting out back in 2004. Why drop the SEO, Rand Fishkin explains in this excerpt from goodbye SEOmoz news announcement:

For many folks outside of our community, the acronym SEO has (unfair) associations with spam or manipulation. To quote an all-too-frequent comment we see when our site is mentioned around the web, “Don’t trust any domain with SEO in the name.” That feedback is hard to hear, and it’s wrong, but that doesn’t change the impact. We know that the “SEO” in SEOmoz has, in the past, hurt our ability to persuade people about the incredible value of organic search marketing. Moz gives us a chance to do something all marketers love – test something new and observe the results 🙂

Is #SEO dead when @randfish avoids it?
“Google has better bullshit detectors, social distributions costs $, can’t game links, semantics sucks and commercial keywords above the fold are gone,” Weintraub said a less than 140 characters statement at the start of Zenith SocialCon 2013 in Duluth, Minnesota.

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And if you want to keep the Twitter party going for your brand, Lisa Grimm and I rocked the Twittershere!



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