SEO Expert @JessicaBowman Hosts #SMX In-House #SEO Exchange Workshop


Jessica Bowman shows In-House SEO Teams How to Rock the ROI
Jessica Bowman shows In-House SEO Teams How to Rock the ROI

How can a top notch In-House SEO program equate to good public relations?

You might have heard there is no such thing as bad publicity, but what about negative search results or worse… no search results… or even worse no sharing and interactions? In today’s digital age, SEO is a must and social is driving search. Smart brands are investing in SEO in-house teams to stay ahead of the marketing curve by attending workshops from SEO thought leaders such as Jessica Bowman.

Let’s face it, keeping up with Google’s infamous Panda and Penguin updates can be just as annoying as keeping up with the Kardashians

“The #SMX In-House #SEO Exchange Workshop is a dream event for In-House SEO professions” says Jessica Bowman. “We did focus groups on what In-House SEO’s wanted in an event and tailored this event to their needs. It’s a day of no bloggers, no vendors, no press. We don’t even let freelancers in the room. You have to be a full time In-House SEO dealing with the same challenges as the other people in the room.”

In-house SEO Exchange at #SMX West, hosted by, announces a star-studded SEO speaker line-up led by In-house SEO Advocate and Search Engine Land columnist Jessica Bowman; known as the “SEO Whisperer” and for showing brands how to leverage existing resources and talent to produce the maximum return on SEO investment.

Speakers include:

  • Jennifer Barnhill, Search Strategist at Cisco
  • Dave Lloyd, Global SEO Strategy at Adobe
  • Christi Olson, Digital Sr. Search Marketing Manager at Harry and David
  • Eli Schwartz, Online Marketing Manager at SurveyMonkey

Register now for the SMX West In-house SEO Exchange
Date: March 14th
Place: San Jose McEnery Convention Center  – San Jose, California
Time: Full day workshop

Rock the ROI with SEO
While studies show search marketing continues to evolve in both its organic and paid avenues due largely to growth of social media, Bowman points to a recent SEMPO study finding “only 44% of survey respondents felt they have a “good” ability to calculate SEO ROI.  People who come to the SEO-Inhouse Exchange can ask how other people are calculating ROI.”

Now searchers receive instant, real-time social media content including personalized and local information. Results pages include not only blue links, but also video, images, news, press releases and customer reviews

How can In-house SEO spin online PR?

Social PR Tip: Influence positive search results resulting in good publicity

  • Attract the attention of journalists working on story sources and searching with keywords phrases
  • SEO can make press releases come alive on search engines and gain more visibility

Social PR Tip: It’s a fact, earned media pays off more than paid media

A key finding in MarketingSherpa’s eighth annual benchmark finds that content works best as an SEO tactic but is also the most challenging. Content being the most effective and rewarding SEO strategy, brands are welding together all the content curators. Can you say hello public relations?

Register now for the SMX West In-house SEO Exchange


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