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Digital Detox Secrets

As the social media revolution reaches new digital detox heights, marketers are searching for more meaningful relationships, better posture, and improved focus. Call it a long overdue digital detox.

It seems we’re so engaged in social media; we forget to drink, blink, eat, move and even breath.

Working in today’s social media marketing world is exhilarating, rewarding, and let’s face it…toxic and controlling. Most know me from my book Social PR Secrets, but I’m on another mission to help bring a sense of balance to social media toxic side effects on today’s marketing professionals, parents, and teens.

Rather than talking about Social Media and PR, I pitched Social Media Marketing World 2018 to let me teach the official yoga classes. So for the first time, the world’s largest social media conference over 4,000 attendees and speakers had the opportunity to add a yoga class to their agenda.

It turns out I’m not the only one feeling the pain and suffering caused by the prolific impact social media has imploded on our society and business. Social Media Marketing World’s keynote and best selling author Brian Solis advised the marketing industry to take back control, influence positivity and use social media with purpose.

Digital Detox Down Dog

The social media wellness struggle is real, I’ve been in this industry since before Facebook and Google, and I know firsthand how it can suck you in and take control.

My yoga practice started 20 years ago for athletic reasons, yet the last ten years yoga has turned into her survival method of staying sane and balanced in the social media business. In 2017 I decided to get my 200-hour yoga certification as a means to gain insights on how I can help myself and my industry.

There is no question: Social media is the best and most life-changing technology to connect with family, friends, and brands. A little over a decade after Facebook’s “Like” button took over our life goals; we are finding the social media impact is programming our brains, robbing us of our time, and relentlessly changing society.

Selfie to Wellfie, Yes Please!

We uploaded more than 24 million selfies to Google last year, and millennials are expected to take 25,000 selfies in their lifetime.

The thrill of getting the likes, views, and shares causes a real rush to the brain triggering a dopamine high. So we go back for more and more. Social media marketers, entrepreneurs, and public relations pros have it especially hard. Working inside the social media news feeds all day in addition to the personal “selfie” demands.

  • Sitting all day
  • Staring at multiple screens
  • Holding our breath when reading messages
  • Losing sleep
  • Increasing anxiety levels
  • Feeling very busy and getting nothing done
  • Eating on the run

Sound familiar?

Social Media Balancing Acts

Live video, chatbots, virtual reality, and algorithms keep us on our toes with our nose glued to our screens. Real-time always means on, 24/7 information overload coming from millions of sources.

We try to catch up by going to bed late or waking up earlier, and all of the sudden sleep is a past luxury. Stealing pockets of time waiting at red lights and checking email. Responding to that one last message, then it’s two hours later.

The truth is social media burn out is a digital form of cancer. Once it starts spreading out of control, it’s hard to cure. Today’s marketers are faced with more opportunities and challenges of balancing digital work-life demands.

In case you missed Lisa’s digital detox yoga classes at SMMW18, check out these 10+ ways to offset your social media stress

  • Start and end your day with a 10-minute meditation primarily designed for social media marketers – try Buddhify, the modern mindfulness app
  • Subscribe to positivity and inspiration with a daily text to help you thrive from ShineText.
  • Sign up for self-care reminders from a new app called Aloe Bud.

  • Join the official healthiest social network on the planet – Jiyo, founded by none other than Deepak Chopra
  • Buy a yoga mat and keep it next to your desk. Take 5-10 minutes in child pose each day and take control of your mind, body, and breath.
  • Reduce screen time, set boundaries and gain tech-life balance using Onward
  • Let Deepak Chopra educate on how to reduce stress and increase digital wellness via his daily Facebook Live.
  • Create your favorite Zen playlist on Spotify to soothe the soul and spark creativity. Check out my 30 minute playlist from my SMMW18 yoga classes.
  • How about just unplug for a day and rewire the brain?

Using social media for business, we have everything to gain and also everything to lose. Stay in control of your social wellness and create a daily digital detox routine that works for you.

“Social Media sparked a revelation that we, the people, have a voice, and through the democratization of content and ideas we can once again unite around common passions, inspire movements, and ignite change,” said Solis.

brian solis digital detox smmw18

The future of social media is ours to shape.
FOMO. Finally. Over. Missing. Out. -@briansolis #smmw18

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