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Self publishing Book tips and trends (3)

Publishing a book can be a daunting thought and yet an exciting opportunity. Taking the self publishing book route can throw you right out of your comfort zone and straight to the closest bar. We’re also unofficially certain there is a direct correlation between writing a book and increased wine consumption.

To publish or to self-publish is a question most authors are asking themselves today. Why wait for someone to notice your hard work when you can put it out there yourself? The answer. Don’t.

Recently, Cathy Hackl and Lisa Buyer interviewed Chris O’Byrne on The Digital Dish, a weekly podcast recorded on Blab. Chris O’Byrne is founder of JETLAUNCH, the self-publishing services company that worked with Buyer on her successfully self-published book Social PR Secrets. O’Byrne shared tips, trends, and secrets to self-publishing along with what soon-to-be authors need to know in this 40-minute interview, where he answers important questions like:

What’s the difference between publishing with a publisher and self-publishing?

“The big difference is control. Publishers buy rights to manuscripts, you’re selling your book rights. In self-publishing, you keep control of the rights to your book and 100% of your royalties,” says O’Byrne. He gives great advice such as:

  • Put yourself in your reader’s shoes. Put that time into finding out what your readers really want. Write for your audience.
  • There’s very little advantage to going with a publisher these days. There’s no longer the stigma of being ‘self-published’ (and) no credibility issue.
  • If somebody buys your print book, a really good marketing opportunity is to offer a free download (with email sign up) in the back of your book. This let’s you see who’s buying your book.
  • Did you know when you sell a book on Amazon you don’t have any idea who buys it? Since Amazon doesn’t release that information; the only way you can connect with your readers is to offer them something.

Book It! More Tips From O’Byrne

On how to get found on Amazon, O’Byrne said, “People neglect that whole piece of it…(readers) find your books on Amazon because of keywords, just like they find you on Google. Do keyword research.

self-publishing resources
I have a give-away for your audience that has a bunch of  resources in it
and it also lists the keyword tools that I use and the process I go through. Go through the process, find those keywords, and make sure they’re embedded in your description and even in your title and subtitle if you can.”

Promoting Your Book

  • Do your own social media (to keep costs down).
  • Build something lasting.
  • Grow your email list.
  • Create a blog, that gives lots of value.
  • Do those things that Content Marketing is doing that is going to give you long-term promotion or …staying power for your book.
  • Invest in the cover design.

“Design is very big. It makes a big difference hiring someone to design the cover…it’s the first thing people see. There are a lot of little things a designer knows that we just don’t know….(like) can you see the type or font or title of the book. Even color makes a big difference,” said O’Byrne.

These are just a few of the valuable tips, tricks, trends, and success secrets on self-publishing from O’Byrne. Tune in every Thursday at 12:00PM ET for The Digital Dish with Hackl and Buyer on Blab for more great podcasts on the digital world, ranging from business marketing to digital lifestyle.

Download the secrets of book publishing by Chris O’Byrne.

View the full Chris O’Byrne podcast or Watch the Replay here.

If that’s not enough, for more magnetic information on self-publishing check out Guy Kawasaki and Shawn Welch’s Author, Publisher, Entrepreneur.

Reported by: Dawn Iraci,@DawnAtUF



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