Search, Social PR and Selfie News from #SMX and #Pubcon


SMX and Pubcon SelfiesAttending SMX and Pubcon back-to-back was like Social PR heaven and hell. There was no shortage of knowledge dropping and, at the same time, things like sleep, time zones, nutrition and HOME were basically on hold. What we sacrifice as a search and social speakers! 🙂

SMX and Pubcon; two top notch search, social PR and marketing conferences that I L-O-V-E! The speakers come prepared with incredible perspectives, tactical tips and strategic wisdom and the attendees’ feedback and sharing makes everything worthwhile!

Check out my favorite takeaways from SMX and Pubcon through the lens of a Social PR addict:

All roads lead to your website or blog!

While that was the name of Rebecca Murtagh’s Pubcon session; that one-liner is enough to tape on your bathroom mirror if your using social media to market your brand. Make sure you are leading your followers from social media to owned media in the form of referring traffic by using linkbacks to blog articles or relative landing pages on your website that match your social media messaging.

The three R’s of visual social media: Real photos of real things taken by real people.

Krista Neher,  author of Visual Social Media for Dummies, reminds us how to stay on task and authentic when choosing visuals in social media. She used big brand examples of how Starbucks and Lululemon curate many of their images from user-generated images versus stock images or professional photography; a shift in branding best practices.

Google+ Pages give your brand valuable search visibility and branded real estate on page one of Google!

Google+SearchExampleIf you are trying to get “buy on” as to why your brand should have an active Google+ Page, this one Social PR reason should be enough to sell it!   How big is Google? comScore puts Google’s worldwide reach at 1 billion unique visitors per month and 12.9 billion monthly searches The key to being qualified get that Google visibility is that you need to have an active Google+Page. How does Google define activer? “Publish to your Google+ Page a couple times a day,”  said Google’s Danny Bernstein at this week’s Pubcon keynote session.

Social PR Secret: Make each image for a blog post or website page “pinworthy” for Pinterest.

Check out these stats shared by Jennifer Cario, author of Pinterest Marketing: An Hour a Day: In the retail space, 47% of online shoppers have made a purchase based on a Pinterest recommendation and Pinterest beats out Facebook in social sharing grabbing the attention of 41% of all social sharing versus Facebook at 37%. But, better yet, here’s the opportunity stat: 90% of all brands overlook Pinterest completely! If you don’t have time to be active on Pinterest with a dedicated account, at the very least do an image audit and make sure your owned media is filled with pinworthy images for each post and page. Check your brand’s visibility on Pinterest now by using this easy[] for example I would check my Social PR Chat url with this Now you check yours! We both probably have some work to do!

#Selfies break news and photos with faces work better in social.

Newsflash: Instagram photos that include faces are far more likely to get likes from followers than those without, a new study by Georgia Tech suggests.

Twitter’s Ruslan Belkin shared some of the latest Twitter insider news including the recent selfie phenomenon by Ellen Degeneres that nearly broke twitter.

He highlighted how Twitter Takes incidents like the “ Ellen Twitter Takedown”  very seriously, almost like a plane crash. He said Twitter breakdowns like the @ellendegeneres selfie better prepare the tweet team so that it does not happen again. But the truth is… selfies are hot and trending.

The #Truth behind Facebook: Brands now need to pay to play.

Organic reach in Facebook, ahhhh the good ole days of 2012 that started to fade in 2013? Kiss them goodbye. If you were smart and set up shop on Facebook Pages early, it was easier to get into your audience’s newsfeed without paying. Check out my presentation that covers the #Truth behind social advertising and discover Social PR things you need to start doing right away, and a few Facebook marketing tactics to STOP. Impulse marketing decisions like hitting the Boost Post and other Facebook shortcuts are not strategic or effective.

Nothing beats meeting up IRL with your social community, people you see everyday on Twitter and Facebook! What a concept.

“I love you” tattoos from @SEOaware, @virginianussey cutest ever baby-on-the-way belly and @bruceclay engagement glows. I am grateful to I have a social community of such great friends in my Social PR life.

 If you want more, check out my book Social PR Secrets or one of the books mentioned in this article.


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