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By Lisa Buyer

The best cocktail for marketing these days is public relations mixed with online media – the more social, the better. The 2008 Search Engine Strategies conference in San Jose, CA saw online PR industry heavy hitters come together to discuss the SEO “state of the union.”

Lisa Buyer, PR/SEO expert and CEO of The Buyer Group was among the invited list of search engine optimization conference panelists along with Dana Todd, Lee Odden and Greg Jarboe. Her presentation, discussed the ins and outs of online PR and social media relations, plus its interaction with the consumer.

Optimized Press Releases
Optimizing press releases is the easiest way to reach today’s 24/7 journalist. These journalists often work for multiple publications, leaving less and less time to deal with PR professionals directly. The optimized press release has effectively, and for all intensive purposes, taken place of media relations. In fact, most journalists prefer to be contacted via email with a link to an optimized press release on PRWeb.

Lisa’s Online PR Tips
Looking for a guaranteed front page story headline in a top tier online media outlet? Lisa’s latest tip is a new resource called Newsforce, the first and largest online PR Network for guaranteed news placement that also offers cool tools to help clients gain exposure in news search engines.

Social Media Gains
Don’t neglect your social media options either. The majority of journalists now use Facebook, LinkedIn and other social media sites to find sources for their articles.

Online PR By The Numbers:

•    64 percent journalists report they use Google or Yahoo! online news services to follow the news
•    70 percent reporters check a blog list on a regular basis
•    61.8 percent say blogs were having a significant impact on the “tone” of news reporting
•    1/2 journalists report visiting a corporate Web site or online newsroom at least once a week
•    85 percent journalists report visiting a corporate Web site or online newsroom at least once a month
•    3/4 reporters see blogs as helpful in giving them story ideas

Online PR and the Consumer

Lastly, always remember journalists aren’t the only key stakeholders online. Potential leads and consumers have access to optimized online content through a variety of channels. Google news, social media, and just plain search engine use can provide this key group with access to your client’s brand and message online.

Search Engine Strategies (SES) is the leading global conference & expo series that educates delegates on search engine marketing (SEM), including optimization (SEO) and advertising strategies, tactics and best practices. SES Search Marketing Events provide instruction from the industry’s top Search experts, including representatives of the Search Engines themselves.


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