Scrumptious 2009 Social Media Statistics


Starving for the latest stats, figures and social media rankings?  So were we…

According to a study from, Facebook has taken first place for unique visitors, which are now more than 68 million, as well as monthly visits, topping out at nearly 1.2 billion for the month of January.

MySpace is now the second most used social media site (58 million), with Twitter in distant third place (6 million).  Even with the dramatic growth Twitter has experienced in the past year, its still lags behind social media giants Facebook and MySpace.

Looking for more detailed info about these sites?

A Nielsen study supports the finding of but ranks the social media outlets by total minutes spent on each site.  Here, Facebook again edged out MySpace and this time, quite handily. Facebook users logged a combined 13.9 billion minutes on the site compared to the 5 billion minutes spent on MySpace. Twitter recorded roughly 300 million minutes, with LinkedIn at about 200 million.

Overall, the total time spent on social media sites has increased by 83 percent in the past year, according to Nielsen.  Amazing.

Social media statistics 09, presented by The Buyer Group.


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