Say I Do. Blogging for PR is a Commitment


By Jill Swartz

I just finished an interactive PR  and social media seminar conducted by ‘SEO Joe’ aka Joe Laratro
on Blog writing for PR and SEM and I couldn’t help but feel empowered. Not having a blog in corporate America today can be compared to a retail store not having a website.

The most valuable bit of information I can share with The Buyer Group
blog readers, if you start a blog, stay committet. Blogs are all the buzz today and they have add a new layer of socialization to the Internet and open new channels to your prospects and clients.

Some tips on blog content

News – Since Blogs can be syndicated, content additions are easily dispersed throughout the Web. Company press releases can make great content.
Education — Google created an Adwords Blog, They use it to further educate Adwords Advertisers on the latest innovations and uses for their product. The Inside Adwords Blog was customized to fit within the look and feel of Google’s Adwords system, even though it is hosted with Blogspot. It is updated weekly with very useful content for its readers. It is even optimized for keywords, while truly educating on new techniques.
Commentary — Insightful analysis of Industry specific news and events is welcomed
Promotion — Blogs can be a great channel to promote new products or services. This promotion can be achieved through a combination of news, education, and commentary.

To learn more about the How’s and Why’s of blogging, email me at
and I’ll send you a white paper on blogging from expert Joe SEO, Joe Laratro.



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