[Report] How Top Brands Use Online Newsrooms for #SEO Publicity


In case you missed my first Google+ Public Relations Community Expert Hangout: How and Why to Optimize Company News,  I dropped some “hot off the presses” stats thanks to the 2013 Newsroom report from MyNewsDesk.

Social PR ways to Optimize Company News by Lisa Buyer
@prsarahevans moderated Lisa Buyer’s Google+ Public Relations Community Expert Hangout.

In the Social PR world, anyone can be an influencer. Therefore, a brand’s online newsroom (or media center) is no longer just a place for the journalists, but is an online hub that your stakeholders – bloggers, investors, customers and even Google – can go to find out more about your company.

This is a game changer for the what a newsroom is all about. The online newsroom now becomes part of the content strategy and that means public relations pros have a new seat in the boardroom and with search and social influence.

Social PR Tip: Today’s online newsroom is a critical and influential component of a brand’s online visibility, credibility and content strategy.  

“Smart brands will treat the online newsroom like a publication with an organized structure of newsworthy content that is optimized, socialized and visualized. Journalists expect small and large companies to have one, visitors look for it as a information source and search engines reward brands that publish fresh and relative content.”
Lisa Buyer
Social PR Evangelist and Editor of Social #PR Chat https://socialprchat.com/
CEO of The Buyer Group

Smart brands are taking steps to optimize news to make it easier to share and be found, but according to the latest reports there is enormous room for improvement considering:

35% failed to keep newsroom content up-to-date! Eeks.

“You can create the very best content in the world, but if no one can find it, then you’ve simply not succeeded. Digital PR is a heady mix between creating content and then optimising it so that your audience can find it quickly and easily.” – Danny Whatmough, Director of Digital Strategies at EML Wildfire and Chair of the PRCA Digital Group.

You can read a recap of the Google+ Public Relations Community Expert Hangout: How and Why to Optimize Company News on the Tracky blog thanks to @prsarahevans and check out the replay with Lisa Buyer. (that’s me!):)

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