President-Elect Obama Rides The Groundswell to Victory


Will Obama implement the same groundswell tactics that aided him to victory in his government? Josh Bernoff, social media expert and author of New York Times Bestseller, “Groundswell” seems to think so…

Bernoff is a Forrester Research analyst and blogger who calls on Obama to create “a community of committed Americans to discuss the solutions to the problems that face us.”

After the stunning Internet strategy Obama used to secure the presidency, harnessing the groundswell to govern is certainly a logical next step. Obama’s revolutionary social networking site, (MyBo), engaged hundreds of thousands of voters and supporters in an unprecedented fashion. Designed by Facebook co-founder Chris Hughes, MyBo’s contribution is described as “maximizing group collaboration, while acting as a gateway for millions of ordinary Americans to participate in the political process.”

MyBo was just one factor in Obama’s groundswell efforts. Through the use of social networking sites including Facebook pages and Twitter updates, Obama was able to rise above the press in a proactive way. By giving supporters and “naysayers” alike, direct access to his campaign via the Web, Obama achieved online PR goal “numero uno”: Positive messaging given directly to the target audience, no message clutter in sight.

Now that’s good PR.

*UPDATE!* 10.7.08: It seems we were correct in our assessment of President-Elect Obama’s commitment to harnessing the groundswell to help him govern a new America. Visit to see social media in action, changing the government one blog at a time. Also, guess who’s the most popular Twitter user? Yes, President Obama.


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