PR Spin: Social Media Facts


It’s apparent: social media has exploded to the masses. The WWW of social networks and applications have made a huge impact in the business and online PR world. Stretching from the Twitter accounts of Obama, Brittany Spears and Fox News to the Facebook Fan Pages of Victoria Secret, Target and The Buyer Group.

But… we want to know: Is all social media created equal?

Abrams Research Group decided to find out by asking 200 social media leaders from across the U.S. and Canada, including founders, bloggers, journalists, entrepreneurs, and members of the Twitterati, what social media services have made the largest impact in business and which are just a sinking ship.

You asked – they answered.

Twitter Rules the Web! Out of the 200 surveys collected during Social Media Week 2009, 40 percent of respondents picked Twitter as the number one Social Media service for businesses.  The very distant number 2 winner, LinkedIn only garnered 21.3 percent of the votes.

  • Twitter also ruled supreme when surveyors were asked what Social Media service they would advise a business to pay for with a winning 39.6 percent. Although the race was a little closer in this category with LinkedIn, Youtube, and Facebook following close behind, respectively, Twitter definitely seems to be the social media du jour!
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Facebook Fans Rejoice!
Despite coming in second or third in a few categories, Facebook is still the social media service no one can leave behind. When surveyors were asked which social media network they would actually pay for, Facebook was the clear winner with an impressive 32 percent of the votes.

  • With blogging, networking, newsfeeds, and a platform that still can’t be beat, Facebook continues to grow in popularity from students to parents to businesses and beyond.
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Avoid the Uncool! With all the good news surrounding the popularity of social media there has to be a downside right? Well there is and according to the 200 social media leaders surveyed, the biggest challenge facing social networking services is: The inevitable slide into ‘uncoolness.’

While fads are known for coming and going at lightening speeds, the Internet moves even faster. Taking advantage of the boost that social networking can give your business means staying current with the service everyone is taking about (i.e.—Twitter, Facebook) and which social media services have somehow become so uncool they’re embarrassing (i.e.- MySpace received horrible scores and comments in every category).

  • So how do you know which social media sites to trust and which to leave in the dust? Leave it to the PR professionals, of course, at The Buyer Group! Our traditional PR foundation mixed with online expertise means you get the best online PR for your business instead of wasting time and money on efforts that may or may not get you the results you need.

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