#PR Lessons by Queen of Keyword Research Christine Churchill

Queen of Keyword Research and King of ContentIn the world of online public relations, content is king and we might say influence is queen.

Keywords are the king’s ambassadors who seek out partnerships with the search engines to entice loyal customers into your internet kingdom. At SMX 2011, I had the pleasure of guest blogging on Bruce Clay’s blog about the intricacies of keyword research and usage, copywriting, and best practices for SEO, PPC, and mobile marketing taught by Queen of keyword research and KeyRelevance president Christine Churchill.

The major take away from this awesome session by Christine is the importance of selecting the right keywords. To get the targeted traffic and increase sales conversions, you need to use the keywords your customers are using to find your products and services. Another reality is that keyword research is one of those things you should be doing every day you are in the public relations business.

Christine Churchill Lessons on Keyword Research

Queen of Keyword Research Christine Churchill

Session Highlights

– 20 to 25% of search queries are ones never used on Google before

– Keyword phrases are better than single words. The longer the query, the more targeted the traffic

– Look everywhere for keywords including your competitors

– Christine gave a huge list of keyword research tools to find keywords and help you develop a strategy around them. You will find this list included in the keyword research and copywriting  blog post I wrote for Bruce Clay’s blog.

Some of my favorites:

  • Google Instant – Great to use for ideas and suggestions!
  • Solve – Pulls keyword suggestions from multiple sites – different perspectives from YouTube, Bing, Etc
  • UberSuggest – Type in a phrase and go through the alphabet to look for ideas – great for FaceBook Ad words research!
  • Twitter search – Best way to find out what is hip; this is where things are going on in the Web in real time
  • Google Sets – Expands keyword lists
  • Yippy – Clustered search tools
  • Quintera – Visual search engines, relationship between keywords
  • MS Ad intelligence tool – Super fast for building keyword lists

– She also made a point of emphasizing the importance of user intent. Users land on your website for one of three reasons: they want to hang out, they want to get information, or they want to buy. Knowing user intent is critical for your conversions and you want to pick keywords to target that match the intent of your customers.

Finally, Christine ends the PR  savvy with tips on how to include keywords in your copywriting (think press releases, blog posts and even social media messages). The point of online PR is to get attention and using keywords correctly in your online marketing communications  ensures you are getting the right attention from the search engines.

All in all, Christine Churchill’s solo panel was a must attend event for today’s online PR professionals doing any kind of online promotion. For a full breakdown of the seminar, visit my guest blog post at BruceClay.com.