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With more than 70 million users, Pinterest is more than just fun and games…and photos. It’s a fantastic opportunity to drive targeted audience traffic, build community, and boost sales.

In fact, many retailers are finding Pinterest to be the top source of their sales and website traffic. Others are leveraging the social network by making it easier for users to share their content. And, one of the best benefits of using Pinterest (from a community manager’s humble opinion) is that you can manage your Pinterest account in one hour or less each week! More on that later from John Rampton.

If you’re not sure that Pinterest works for your brand, check out these stats and case studies from Matt Siltala’s SMX Las Vegas presentation:

Conference speakers and Pinterest aficionados Krista Neher, John Rampton, Matt Siltala, Cynthia Johnson, and Stephen Spencer share some of their top tips and tricks to optimize the value of Pinterest for brands of any size. They were so great that I just had to share them.

Without further ado…


Have “Pin-worthy” Images on Your Website

Make sure each page on your website has a “pin-worthy” image. If you have a blog, too, each post should have at least one “gotta pin it” image that at least slightly hints at what the article is about.

Social PR Secret: Create beautiful vertical editorial images using the Canva design tool and put them first in your blog posts.

Here are some examples of easy-to-design, but extremely shareable visuals that were made using Canva. You can find more of the Canva Pinterest profile.

Research Shareable Content

Your brand’s Pinterest account isn’t just useful for promoting content; it’s also an excellent research tool. Find ideas and inspiration for your brand’s content by using the search tool. For example, if you’re a local wine shop looking to create social media content outside of product shots, you could use Pinterest to search “funny wine quotes” and start sharing that type of content on your boards.

Social PR Secret: If it’s already on Pinterest, there’s a high probability that it’s what your followers want to see!

Optimize Pinterest Pin Titles and Descriptions 

To get the most out of your Pinterest content, make sure that your meta titles and descriptions are optimized with keywords and hashtags. If someone manually pins something directly from your website and the text isn’t already filled in, there’s a high probability that they won’t add any and, even if they do, it won’t be optimized for people searching in Pinterest. The “pinner” is doing you a favor by giving you exposure to their followers, so the least you can do is fill in some of the blanks for them.

Create Pinterest Boards from the Consumer’s Perspective

As much as we’d love to think that people are super interested in following our brand and hanging on our every word, that’s not always the case. What’s going to stand out in the sea of business boards? Boards and pins that look like other users’ own boards.

Think quirky and cute titles like this board from Fabletics called “All  Things Yoga,” where they pin quick workouts. Boards called “Our News,” “Our Products,” or “Our Blogs” are boring and are simply not going to produce the results you want.

Have an Industry News Pinterest Board

Pin news content related to your industry or local market, even if it’s not your own content. Your board can then become the go-to resource for your community (and even journalists), positioning you as an expert source in your industry.

 Social PR Secret Pinterest for Blog

Comment on Popular Pinterest Pins

One great (albeit, time-consuming) way to increase your amount of followers on Pinterest is to comment on popular pins. Only comment when you can add something useful to the conversation, though. Then, all of the people who’ve commented above you will be notified. If they like what you posted, they might even follow you.

SOCIAL PR BONUS! One Hour a Week Plan for Pinterest Publicity

If you want to stay active on Pinterest, but don’t have the time or resources to physically pin, post, follow, and comment everyday, there are tools for that. Check out Postris to identify trends in your niche and find inspiration for what people are searching for.

Rampton shares this formula for spending one hour a week to get the most out of Pinterest:

  1. Use ViralTag to schedule pins for the next 7 days.
  2. Go to Pinterest, visit 30 to 50 pins that are popular to your niche and comment.
  3. Next go to NinjaPinner and have it follow people that add you.
  4. Go into Google Analytics and check your stats.

And there you have it, folks! Pinterest tips and tricks from the some of the top visual social media industry leaders.

Try it out!


Pin Social PR Chat to your Pinterest


Are you going to commit to a Pinterest social strategy? What tips will you put into action right now? Share in your comments below!

Image Credit: Canva



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