Online PR, Video and SEO: 3 Ways to Tell Your News Story


Lights, camera and online PR action! According to online video blogger SteveGarfield, video content is 50 times more likely to appear on the first page of search results than your standard text-based content. This ties in with SocialTimes reporting  that 85 percent of media websites now use online video to cover news.

Wow. OnlinePR experts have always encouraged including video as a sure way to ensure engagement with your audience, but now it appears video has cemented its position in the social PR mix.

While many associate the medium with time-consuming video shoots, expensive camera crews and multiple outtakes, new data is showing that impromptu video shot with affordable equipment such as FliplikeVideocameras (widely credited with revolutionizing the medium) are just as effective.

From webcams, video phones and FaceTime to streaming platforms like UStream and everything in between, it has never been easier to broadcast messages and instantly share them with your audience.

Here are three simple ways to include video in your Social PR Strategy:

1.) Bring life to a company figurehead: An impromptu video clip of a corporation’s CEO, for example, helps reinforce the idea that even the C-suite are people too.


2.) Make a controlled statement: During a crisis, getting out a timely, controlled message is imperative. Where an official press conference may be impossible or unrealistic, video broadcasted over the Internet is quick and efficient – and ensures the company remains in control of its messaging during a challenging time.

3.) Interviews/Testimonials: Depending on the industry, customer testimonials or expert interviews can help solidify your company’s position as a leading service provider or authoritative thought leader.

Given the choice, people still prefer to engage with a human – whether in person or online. Video lessens the divide between people and technology in the increasingly impersonal world we live in.

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  1. Wow, that is a good point Lauren. Most online news portals do use video to convey their news messages. I never thought of that. makes your point #1: bringing the company figurehead “to life” is easily done thorough Beema’s instant animation. Using video in our strategical efforts improves SEO, sales and even social media marketing. Steve Toy has a great article on this, Here’s to ranking higher in the search engines!


  2. Hi Whitney! Thanks for the feedback and for recommending that article – I’ll check it out now 🙂

    Take care!


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