Online PR, Social Media and Greetings from PubCon Las Vegas


Las Vegas

Things will never be the same…

It may sound like a break up line, but in business, it’s true. Social media and search are changing how we do business – including everything from customer service to online branding to marketing.

Looking for me this week?  Follow me on for status tweets. (And if you’re wondering what Twitter is, then ummmm, we should talk.)

I’m a speaker at PubCon Las Vegas, a national search marketing and social media conference. You can find me on the panel “PR Experts and Twitter,” but better yet – I’m attending the coolest sessions, hand picked for today’s PR strategies.

How valuable is all this?

P-R-I-C-E-L-E-S-S – especially in this economy – forget about the way things used to be done, it’s a whole new ball game. Question is: Are you on the field or in the stands?

Check out my agenda for the next few days:

  • Behind the scenes headquarter tour of e-commerce powerhouse Zappos
  • Reputation Monitoring and Management
  • Online Brand Management Strategies
  • Using PR Campaigns to Grow Traffic
  • Domain Names and Trademark Legal Issues
  • Hot Trending Topics with Twitter
  • Capitalizing on Twitter and Microblogging
  • Killer Twitter Apps and how to apply them to PR
  • Intersection of Search and Social Media
  • Tracking Results

Interested in getting together to see how you can apply strategies to your biz? Let me know.

Send me a direct message on Twitter @lisabuyer or email me at

See you online,



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