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By: Matt Innes

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Tiger Woods didn’t turn himself into the first athlete to earn $1 billion without proving he was capable of dramatic comebacks and improbable victories.

As news continues to swirl in the aftermath of Woods’ public apology, fans and sponsors keep dropping like the PGA Tour’s television ratings, causing many to question Tiger’s strategy for mending his reputation and repairing his image.

I have speculated Tiger’s current spokesman and communications advisor, former head of public relations at the oft media maligned Augusta National Golf Course Glenn Greenspan, has contributed to his head in the sand communications approach. (Stay tuned for more on Glenn “No Comment” Greenspan next week)

Whatever the reasons are behind Tiger’s wilting brand and image, online-reputation expert Rhea Drysdale outlined 6 Steps to Rebuild Tiger’s Online Reputation:

1. Be More Accessible

It is essential Tiger opens up to his fans, peers and press to show he is taking steps in the right direction and sincere about these changes.

2. Create Positive News Mentions

Fill the ever-evolving search results with high profile and fresh news through highly syndicated and reputable outlets.

3. Utilize his Web site –

“Tiger should take a cue from Chris Anderson, the curator of TED, who recently apologized in style on his blog for remarks made during Sarah Silverman’s provocative performance at the 2010 TED Conference.”

4. Audit his social profiles

Secure the rights to Tiger Woods on all relevant social media sites and use these profiles to augment his search results and point to other favorable search results like his charitable foundation and Web site.

5. Get more social

Connect with his most loyal fans and provide insight into the changes Tiger is attempting to make. He can keep his personal life private while still interacting and bumping negative news off the first page of Google search results.

6. Monitor his brand


As Tiger puts himself out there, it is important to monitor how he is being received. Services like Radian 6 or Visible Technologies measure public opinion over time.

Drysdale concluded, “If Tiger Woods can put himself on major news channels, deliver honest interviews and effectively use social media to discuss his next steps, he can rebuild his online reputation. Proactive reputation monitoring and management is a key to online success.”

To read the whole article and find in depth discussion of each step, visit CNN Tech at


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