My @Canva Addiction: Now on iPhone


My Canva Addiction: Now on iPhone

Well now there’s one more reason to be obsessed with your mobile phone; Canva – Graphic Design & Photo Editing is now on iOS. Download, point, shoot, design, upload, live… action. All on the go with Canva. Joy to the social media manager’s world!

Canva’s Off the Charts Test Results

I was able to test drive Canva’s iPhone beta version and here’s what comes to mind: beautiful, simple, functional, productive, and did I mention MOBILE! It’s that moment when the stars align, and graphic design is really and truly at your fingertips. But I must say beware before you download: Side effects include creative app attacks, possible heart fluctuations caused by 25 beautiful filter choices (with advanced options to brighten, liven up and more!), increased social media engagement, and a noticeable improvement of productivity. No prescription needed.

Live Video, Now Live Design

Live video today is an unavoidable social media trend, but now Canva joins the real-time ranks by allowing us to design, crop, edit and filter in real-time from our iPhone. Live reporting is now in new form and function thanks to this photo editing app.

canva mobile app filters
Edit your photos using preset filters or get advanced with photo editing tools.

Camera and social-media apps make you take or upload a picture and then add text. Canva can work this way too, but Canva also lets you superimpose text on a live image. Then when you have your subject correctly placed with the text, you snap the picture or upload one in your camera roll.

From a public relations perspective here’s what you can do with that on the spot reporting feature:

  • Conference storytelling without leaving your iPhone.
  • Add visuals and headlines to breaking news and publish straight to your favorite social media network right from your iPhone!
  • Create visuals for live-blogging from templates designs that Canva so graciously offers us!

canva templates

  • Capture moments as they happen and design your visual on location at any event.
  • Unboxing and reveals now have a mobile-friendly way to create visuals quickly and publish directly to social media, Airdrop, Apps installed on your iPhone, such as Slack, Save, Assign to Contact, Copy, Print, Text, and Email.
  • Easily produce awesome visual content like a pro from anywhere, anytime and share with your team back on the desktop version.

More Canva Mobile App Coolness

Spotlight Gives You Search-Friendly Visuals

You can search for text that you’ve added to a picture. Eg, you add “#pubcon2016” #SocialPRSecrets to a photo. Using “Spotlight,” you can search for all images with that text on them. You can also search for “Elements” to add that extra emoji-onal visual to your visual.

Searching Canva’s “Elements”

canva mobile ios iphone app searching Elements

#CanvaiPhone Optimized Design and Sizing

The Canva photo editing app provides 12 optimized design types for the marketing collateral and the most popular social media sites such as Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and even Snapchat Memories as well as presentations, posters, flyers, and invitations. What does this mean? You can have the right aspect ratio for each of your social media accounts—for example, 1 x 1 for Instagram and 2 x 1 for Twitter.

Syncs and Practically Thinks for You

The Canva mobile app syncs with Canva accounts allowing you to see and edit the designs made with Canva on a desktop or iPad. Also, when you use Canva on a desktop or iPad, you’ll see and edit the designs you’ve done with the iPhone app.

Duplicate and Play On the Go

Another thing that sets this photo app apart from the others is Pages. Duplicating a design and editing the second version within one design allowing a power use to create different visuals versus starting new and creating a new one like other photo apps make you. Along with how well the desktop version works with the mobile version.

Canva app multiple pages feature


Canva is amazingly productive for my business because it allows me and my virtual team from all areas of the world to sync our visuals properly in both desktop, tablet, and mobile”

– Lisa Buyer

Free Photos at Your Fingertips

You can search through a database of free stock photos to supplement your picture taking.

Making the Magic Happen with the Canva App Download

The Canva iPhone App; download it or you’ll never know what you’re missing.

Wondering where can you get the new Canva iPhone app? Right on your iPhone. Download it today.


Image Source: Canva


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