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Megan BerryWe are all trying to stay ahead of the curve and extend our social reach.

Every day there are up and coming social apps, all which claim to help us do just that.

But how do you sift through all the static and the noise?

According to Megan Berry, founder of LiftFive and #socialchat guest, making sense of the chaos is exactly what many apps are now trying to do.

There are so many social platforms, so for Berry, the best Social apps are the ones that can aggregate and curate content in a simple dynamic fashion.

The different channels that now exist in the social media-verse can be overwhelming, even for the seasoned social media pro, and keeping the content for each channel unique can be daunting. As Berry pointed out, we don’t need more social media networks, but better ways to engage with them.

Social Media Managers are now finding themselves pulled in many different directions, that was the overwhelming theme of this week’s #socialchat.


Not only are there numerous social media sites that need content, there are a growing number of content aggregators also looking for attention.


Berry and the numerous Tweeters pointed to a few new hot startups as the next potential big thing.

RebelMouse is one such site that’s attempting to do just that.

Part Pinterest, part social media aggregator, it displays all your social media content on one visually savvy website. It’s not for you really, rather it’s another way to show off your entire social media portfolio to potential customers. Rather than sending them to your Facebook page, AND your Twitter account, and your YouTube page, users can find all your content swiftly and succinctly.

Right now RebelMouse is in its infancy. Berry, who is involved with the site, says they are still making improvements to their mobile site. There’s no way to view incoming content right now, but that will be coming soon. During the chat Berry unveiled a first look at that part of the site, which hasn’t gone live.

Newsle is another still relatively new aggregator, but it serves a different purpose, to help you find all of your Facebook Friends and LinkedIn contacts (no Twitter compatibility at the moment) You can also follow public figures and journalists. The result a clean news Feed, a la Facebook, that could eliminate the need to clutter your inbox with Google Alerts.

I found this very helpful for two things, keeping tabs on some of my clients, and staying on top of industry-specific trends.

The key to both sites is keeping the visual presentation a priority and Berry agrees.


The other problem is the constant flow of updates, and that’s another factor to consider. It’s not only finding the content you need, but filtering out the content you don’t. That is one reason Berry was high on Newsle.

Of course it takes time to learning how to use all these different apps and tools, so she suggests using Grovo, a hub for instructional videos for all things web and social.

And once you’ve found a great social app, and want to spread the word, what do you do? Berry suggests finding those key people amongst your audience who are early adopters, and who have influence. Their suggestions will help shape these new applications and help work out the kinks.

To check out the Social Chat, log onto to Twitter every Monday night from 9-10 pm and search for the hastag #socialchat and be sure to follow Megan Berry


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