5 Most Loved Social PR Chat Articles of the Year

5 Most Loved social pr Articles this year
Read the most loved Social PR Chat articles on everything from VR AR to smartphone addiction to best social pr courses to find your way.


As 2017 comes to a close, Social PR Chat realizes it’s been a marketing whirlwind. So many shiny new social media objects to keep track of. How can someone be expected to keep up? Well, we’re going to make your life a little easier, by making sure you didn’t miss anything.

Here is a quick recap of the articles that are sure to start off your 2018 with a bang! From making sure you have the most productive habits and rituals to attract those likes and follows, to making sure you’re jumping on board the virtual reality bandwagon and not being left in the past.

Truth! 11 Rituals for the Best Social PR

11 Rituals for the Best Social PR Year Ever
Remember, a habit is something done repeatedly for the purpose of performing the action itself. A ritual is something done repeatedly with a purpose outside of the action itself.

Did you know we spend approximately 35% of our time in meetings?

With 2018 coming in faster than most of us would like, it’s best to arm yourself with the knowledge that will lead to a more successful and happier new year. This article covers tips and tricks such as enhancing your video content, updating your bios, and taking ownership of your marketing. Get the scoop here.

Parents of Teens Alert: Social Media More Addictive Than Cocaine

teens social media addiction
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Got a teenager? This article is for you! Bad habits are hard to break, and experts say teen smartphone addictions are harder to treat than cocaine and alcohol addictions. Studies show teens are more stressed, anxious, and depressed than ever before thanks to social media. The realities of this growing addiction are shocking and absolutely necessary for parents to educate themselves on. Read it all here.

Social PR Like a Boss: The Ultimate 📈 Social Media Analytics Guide #Talkwalker

Measure Social Media AnalyticsLike a Boss

Do you understand social media analytics? To some that might seem like a rhetorical question, but most social media marketers say measuring ROI is their top challenge. Learn the secrets to mastering analytics with Talkwalker’s Social Media Analytics Guide. Get rid of clutter, manage your bottom line, and master your social media metrics. Analyze it here.

Is Virtual Reality (VR) The Next Big Thing in Social Media?

Is Virtual Reality (VR) the Next social media

Cathy Hackl wrote a book on it, Magic Leap couldn’t stop Tweeting, I mean teasing, about it and Mark Zuckerberg gave it a $2B thumbs up; we’re talking about virtual reality. If virtual reality started gaining traction in 2017, you can bet in 2018 it will take off. Check out our virtual reality checklist and list of must-know definitions! Dive in, here.

The Best List of 40 Social PR Courses and Certifications

The Best List of Social PR Courses & Certifications
Picking the right Social PR courses and certifications can be overwhelming. As daunting as it may seem, it’s also critical to stay relevant in today’s digital revolution. Researchers predict that 65% of the jobs in 2020 won’t exist today. With education becoming increasingly important, padding your resume with the best, strongest qualifications is never a bad idea. This list gives you all the courses and certifications you need to be a step above the rest for 2018! Social PR Ready, Set…Learn! Read the whole article here.

Now you are a social media master and are ready to dominate next year! We here at The Buyer Group hope you had a marvelous 2017 and we believe that being armed with this new knowledge can give you an even better 2018.

Have you learned anything new this year?  We’d love to hear it, just join the conversation on social!


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