Mobile #PR Etiquette: Put Your Phone Down #PYPD (Video)


“Your text messages are not that important, dude.”

A Public Service Announcement via Fog and Smog’s DJ Dave, the same artists who brought us Yoga Girl and Foods Parking Lot, questions and mocks the disconnects with mobile phone abuse. DJ Dave calls out the masses on smart phones in this public service announcement to those among us who are emotionally, physically or surgically tied to our “pieces”.

With the emergence of and reliance on social media, does anyone ever talk in person anymore?  Is it possible to put the mobile phone down and give someone your undivided attention once in a while in today’s business world? Perhaps it’s an old-fashioned, outdated mindset, but communication in today’s society and business environment has become impersonal, informal and in many respects, less effective.

We live in a real-time, on-the-go world where old-school face-to-face interaction is a thing of the past. We are more dependent on convenience and multi-tasking, but do we lose a little something when reverting to typing and texting vs. talking and emotionally connecting?

Society no longer has time for breakfast at the table with family and a newspaper – we check our emails before brushing our teeth and quite dangerously, we have our hands on our phones as much as on the steering wheel during our daily commutes. Studies show it is mobile phone usage while driving has become more hazardous than drunk driving. But where is the data supporting the decline of social and public relations etiquette in the workplace? One cannot attend a meeting without mobile phones scattered across the conference table where colleagues, whether junior or executive, text or send emails while in meetings, on a conference call, or with phone in one hand and sandwich in the other on their “lunch break.” Some people even wear earpieces or headphones during meetings just in case they miss that crucial facebook status update or phone call, whether business-relevant or not!

Skype and FaceTime have been innovative ways to video conference and salvage some sort of human interaction rather than relying on our fingertips and correspondence in the cyber world. But for the most part, our days have become so busy and more consumed that all can be accounted for through texts and messages of 140 characters or less.

The social PR world has changed our behaviors with Check-ins on Facebook, Twitter, and Foursquare. Geo-mapping has let the world know precisely where we are, what we are doing there, and 99% of the time, we ask ourselves, does this info really benefit those who follow us? Perhaps not until we take a photo, upload the image and tag someone in it for yet additional exposure!

Tips on Social PR Mobile Phone Etiquette:

  • When in a meeting or conference call, turn off the phone
  • In a public place, be aware and considerate of your surroundings and the people in your presence before having personal, private conversations
  • Don’t text and drive, for your safety and those around you
  • Use a blue tooth and be hands free if you must talk and drive.



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