Mobile PR Audit Tips: 4 Examples of How Mobile Impacts Your Brand

Mobile Public Relations Audit by Lisa Buyer
the “mobile” publicist must not only know what technology and platform is best to deliver a brand’s story but also protect a brand from making costly mobile PR mistakes.

You may have heard of an SEO audit, or worse yet – an IRS audit, but what about a Mobile PR audit? It’s the analysis of how your brand is using, abusing or ignoring the mobile PR opportunity. You might think mobile is not part of the PR responsibility or scope of services. Think again, check out how valuable mobile can be as part of the PR arsenal.

Ch-Ch-Changes in Public Relations
The roles are ch-ch-changing in public relations; the “mobile” publicist must not only know what technology and platform is best to deliver a brand’s story but also protect a brand from making costly mobile PR mistakes.  This requires a whole new way of creating and distributing content. The advantage is reaching your audience anywhere at any time in a way that’s trackable and measurable.

Just look at how mobile is changing our lives and the face of PR:

  • Nine out of 10 mobile searches lead to action; over half lead to purchase, according to a Search Engine Land article.
  • 70 percent say they use mobile technologies to follow or monitor news and information. And, 51 percent said they frequently (41.7 percent) or always (9.2 percent) share or recommend news from their mobile device according to a  2012 Mobile News Survey by TEKGROUP International.
  • 30 percent of time on mobile apps is dominated by social networking according to a presentation by HubSpot
  • 40 percent of the leading brands are active on Instagram according to SimplyMeasured

4 Mobile PR Ways to Get Good (or Bad) Public Relations

  1. A Mobile Friendly Website/Blog is Good PR – Have you looked at your brand’s website or blog on a mobile device? If it s not mobile friendly you could be losing mobile visitors at hello. You want to make sure the website/blog loads quickly, is easy to navigate and offers quick on the spot access to business information such as directions, contact info and how to easily make a purchase.
  2. Watch for Ch-Ch-Changes on Google Places – Are your prospects/customers looking for you on a mobile device? Your brand’s Google Places listing is free and can be updated to include your business details including services, products, hours and even photos and videos. Claim your listing here visit Newsroom and Mobile PR
  3. Get Found and Start a Mobile Hangout on a Local Google + Page  – because Google is always ch-ch-changing – Local Google+ pages are unique from other categories of pages because they have features that allow customers to easily connect with that business’s physical location. Google+ Page includes a map of the business’s location and feature its address, phone number, and hours of operation. Local pages also share the functionality of other Google+ pages — you can create and manage circles, start and join hangouts, and share content like posts and photos.
  4. Read All About it via a Mobile Friendly Online Newsroom – Make it easy for the media, bloggers and customers to learn about your latest news via mobile; especially since 77%  say they visit corporate news websites or online newsrooms using their mobile devices.
Joe Laratro  - SEO Expert and Google Analytics Specialist
Joe Laratro – SEO Expert and Google Analytics Specialist

Mobile Search Experts Dial In

“It is amazing how many brands are not taking geo-location seriously especially considering the mobile search opportunity,” said SEO Expert and PubCon Speaker Liaison Joe Laratro in a Search Engine Watch interview. Laratro offers these mistakes to avoid for brands looking to gain mobile search visibility:

  • The company’s contact information is on the home page but is part of an image versus HTML.
  • Not including physical address in the footer not using schema mark up.
  • Not writing the content of the website in a geo-centric manner.
  • Making sure you claim and regularly monitor your Google+ listing.

Check out your Google Analytics, see what the mobile traffic looks like and how it is growing. Is your brand ready?

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