Mobile #PR App @HaikuDeck Spins Visual Story, Ask @MelCarson


Dear PowerPoint: I am leaving you, I just can’t take it anymore.  I’ve fallen in love with my iPad and met an app named Haiku Deck. One that is not as needy and respects my creativity. If you are looking for someone to talk to about this, maybe you should call Apple. Buh Bye!

When Mel Carson launched his book Pioneers of Digital, he didn’t send out a press release or even a copy of the book. Instead the former Microsoft brand evangelist did something unusual, visual, social and mobile: he sent out a Haiku Deck previewing his book co-authored by UK-based Professor Paul Springer.

“The tagline – “Set Your Story Free” – couldn’t be more apt as you scroll through the Pioneers of Digital deck,” notes Carson.

Spinning PR Stories with Images
Imagine creating an entire PR presentation on your iPad (I couldn’t either). Now picture accessing all your images on Facebook, Instagram, Dropbox, Google Drive and an entire library of the most creative stock images possible. Add to that the ability to share the presentation via any Facebook, Twitter, email or export it to PowerPoint (so we still might have to stay friends). Sold!

Social PR Tip: 79% journalists say that images increased the odds of a press release getting picked.

Hello Mobile PR Productivity
Digital understatement: Haiku Deck is a simple way to create stunning presentations, reads the ITunes description. Simple? Yes! Brilliant? For sure! It is the core of visual storytelling, giving us the tools for creativity that encourages (actually requires) simplicity.
Haiku Deck is the Seattle-based start-up headed up by Adam Tratt and noted as the current darling of the iPad App scene.

Haiku Deck’s Social PR possibilities encompass more than just presentations!

  • Mobile PR Story Pitches
  • Digital Fact Sheets
  • Media Books
  • Conference Presentaions
  • Client Proposals
  • Digital Portfolios
  • Product Launches
  • Start-up Presentation
  • Conference Decks
  • Educational Reports
  • Business Overviews
  • Personal Photo Gifts

“Haiku Deck enabled me to make dynamic, clear, and properly aligned presentations efficiently. It’s also great to one-touch share the deck and know that I can always access it in the cloud when I arrive at my destination or conference,” said Tze Chun founder of start-up Uprise Art.

Whether you’re pitching a story, teaching a lesson, sharing an idea, or igniting a movement, Haiku Deck is fast, fun and simple for anyone to use.

It’s time to say goodbye to the abusive relationship with PowerPoint and set your story free with Haiku Deck. Follow @HaikuDeck on Twitter for Tweetativity. 🙂

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