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Mindful Media Relations

Go, go, go. In a world of constantly having things in the palm of your hand, PR professionals are challenged with mindfulness when it comes to mobile media relations. Lisa Buyer recently caught up with Kelsey Jones, Executive Editor of Search Engine Journal, to chat about all things social and mobile. Here are a few of her nuggets of wisdom:

“Everything is 24/7. We’re constantly producing.”

Q: How do brands do PR without coming across as intrusive or annoying? Especially on mobile?

Journalists want to have their own personal brand, and they’re forming that through social media. Follow and interact with journalists on their social media platforms. By actively engaging them, you can help them generate their own publicity and ultimately open up a connection for conversation when you’re ready to send out pitches.

SocialPRSecret: “Follow the media on Twitter and interact and share their stories on a continuous basis—they’re going to notice.”

The Good: With everything moving 24/7, we’re constantly engaging. That being said, we’re able to reach practically anyone at any given time.

The Bad: Being constantly aware of the world at your fingertips may quickly lead to burnout. It’s important to balance and allow yourself time to unwind apart from the everything-mobile world.

As touched upon in previous interviews and presentations, Lisa believes in a set of three strategies to maintain mindfulness and rejuvenation when it all gets to be too much. Keeping tabs on all things social can lead to stress overload. The following strategies may help:

3 Strategies for Mindfulness

  1. Duplicate

  • Whatever you’re doing well, share it with someone else on your team so they duplicate those same efforts. More success = more ROI

  • “Don’t try and fix what’s not broken” just monitor the trends.

  1. Replicate

  • Re-purpose content (including images and videos) that is engaging and fulfilling your KPIs rather than constantly re-inventing the wheel.

  • Do it, The Guy Kawasaki Way

“Repeat your tweets four times, eight hours apart! If you do it that way you will always catch Pacific Coast prime time, which is early evening.” -Guy Kawasaki

  1. Meditate

  • Take a break to increase creativity (e.g., take a walk, make yourself take a lunch, get 8 hours of sleep, etc.)

SocialPRSecret: Being in social media, we always have to ‘be on’ in being creative. You’re going to eventually get burned out if you don’t take that [space] to be able to rejuvenate.

Sometimes you just have to just be.

How can PR professionals enhance their pitches to big brands without seeming too pushy? Be Visual!

  • Be able to offer visuals that are compelling and original.

  • Use authentic video to pitch the story. Stay away from anything commercial and make it your own! As an example, put a brand CEO in front of an
    iPhone camera for two minutes. It gives journalists hints as to who you are, your angle, etc.

SocialPRSecret: You don’t have to be Search Engine Journal to create videos and make them work for your brand.

In short, be social, be visual and be mindful. Strike up meaningful connections with your top-list journalists. In the end, it’ll make you stand out in the
whirlwind of constant pitches and brand communications. Don’t forget to rejuvenate—pay a little attention to yourself, too!

Meet up with Lisa in Fort Lauderdale at SFIMA Pubcon where she is teaching the Social Media Masters Class with Jabez LeBret and Melissa Fach on February 24, 2016.

Watch the full interview, here:

Interested in learning more about mindful Public Relations? Contact The Buyer Group for Public Relations consulting.

Reported by: Erin Ford


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