#Mashcon Tweets and Rumors Heard @Mashable Connect


If you can’t explain it in 140 characters, your idea is too complicated! The most popular Tweet from #mashcon and also the most poetic as a mantra of what’s to come in digital marketing.

In case you missed Mashable Connect, the signature conference of the year that takes social media trends and technologies to new levels with some of the industry’s most elite digital players. My favorite part of Mashable Connect was meeting up with Sarah Evans for a quick Social PR pow wow and a chance to meet her “boys” IRL! 🙂  Online or offline, Mashable Connect delivered ground breaking sessions and meet ups like How the Youth are Using Digital to Shape the Future, Why Most Marketers Get Digital Marketing Wrong by Cindy Gallup and Sarah Evans gave the heads up on the Evolution of PR.



















Oh and by the way, rumor has it….

as of the last day of #MashCon, Google+ was only mentioned once!

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