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How social is your website? The question of Tuesday’s SES Express Site Clinic where CEOs, CMOs and marketing pros put their Websites to the social media test.

Here is a sneak peek of Lisa Buyer and colleague UK-based Tracy Falke giving social media “personality check” ups at SES San Francisco. Learn from these companies as they learn to make new friends, get more leads and increase visibility by adding some fresh socialization tools and strategies.

Keeping busy in the City by the Bay, Lisa also was a speaker for the session she helped conceptualize: “Search, PR and the Social Butterfly.” Buyer, along with Brett Tabke, Kristjan Mar Hauksson and Sally Falkow, shared ways to merge the best of online public relations and social media while influencing SEO via Social Media Profiles, Fans, Tweets, Friends and Follows.

Lisa Buyer SES San Francisco Search PR and The Social Butterfly
Lisa Buyer speaking at SES San Francisco: Search, PR and The Social Butterfly

Here are some of @lisabuyer ’s favorite Tweets of PR, social media and SEO wisdom from #SESSF:

Do you have a Chief Listening Officer on Twitter? #PR and #SocialMedia introduces new role! @tracy_falke talks Twitter #sessf

Good advice RT @sfsam22 I got my followers by sharing a sense of humanity daily. Not by spamming people. – @JeffPulver #SESSF #CMW

Optimize your life, optimize your email, pay attention to titles/subject lines make it easier to find email you send/receive. @btabke #sessf

CNN tips on SEO from @topheratl – content without context is not good content.

The analysis of a RT, 70% of RT contain links! afternoons get best RT, M+W best RT days, #1 Twitter City is London! @btabke #sessf

Twitter case study: @btabke talks about PubCon marketing and Twitter, an ah-ha moment, switched to all Twitter marketing in 2009, 30% up!

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