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So much information, so little time. This month I published my first article in Search Engine Journal, Yay! You might notice a new twist to my typical social PR angle.  

What’s the big deal with Search Engine Journal? I  <3 this publication because of its savvy editorial content. It’s a collaboration of writers who are online marketing experts with unique perspectives. Let’s face it, there’s no way to know it all in public relations, search marketing, social media and the PPC world. Information is power.  So I decided to curate a list of my favorite articles, the ones that a public relations pro needs know. Not in the PR world? Well, this list will help you get your brand more publicity, reach and potential.

9 Digital Marketing Tools You Can’t Live Without by Brock Murray of @SEOBrock

Marketing Tools for the Social PR Pro

What’s the big PR deal? Visuals, analytics, email marketing, and brand monitoring. Ok, so reality check here, if you don’t have a smart set of tools in your arsenal, the competition will win. The lines are blurred in PR, Social Media, and Marketing.

What You Need to Know about Facebook’s Business Pages by Kristopher Jones @KrisJonescom

Why should you care? Your Facebook Page is an extension of your website. It’s your brand’s publication, newsroom, content publisher, and customer service hub. Period. No, you don’t own it but it’s become one of those necessary business essentials that could be as important as a website. We’re beyond the days of when managing a Facebook page was creating posts. This post is a one stop, need to know what’s the scoop on getting your Facebook Page up to 2107 standards. Besides that, Kris Jones is so smart it’s a crime not to follow him and do yourself a favor, subscribe to his feed on SEJ.

How to Market Through Facebook Groups by Danielle Antosz @DAntosz

Facebook Groups for PR

Why I love this. Facebook gives us a chance to go beyond the Facebook Page and form a community. I’m part of Pubcon’s Facebook Group and also the SEJ writer’s Group. Facebook Groups help build community inside community. They create an outlet that proves to be incredibly valuable from a PR standpoint.

9 Visual Marketing Trends in 2017 by Danny Goodwin @DannyNMIGoodwin

Visual PR Trends and Tips

Why am I super passionate about this? Visuals are a serious part of the 2017 social media marketing strategy.  The best way to stand out in the news (feed) is with supersonic original visuals that tell your story. It’s beyond stock photos, there are tons of ways to slice, dice, saturate, filter, and repurpose. Visuals and social media are a PR dream team. Read this and bookmark it.

Snapchat Versus Instagram Stories by Caitlin Rulien @SaysCaitlin

Snapchat and Instagram Stories Unveiled

What’s the verdict? Pretty simple, it’s where your audience is. But read this article to educate on what the ins, outs, perks and benefits. Instagram reach is higher, but Snapchat has a better retention. I like the fact you can save Snapchat snaps, stories, specs, and video to your camera roll.  Repurposing content on other social networks is one of my favorite #SocialPrSecrets. Snapchat’s all about the right now. Instagram gives you the choice of curating the best of best photos and an option to go live in the moment. Check out the details in Caitlin’s article, she sums it all up.

Social Media Trends for 2017 by Danny Goodwin @DannyNMIGoodwin

Social Media Trends 2017

Biggest deal: Don’t use your 2016 template for 2017.

When Danny asked me to contribute to article the first thing that came to mind was “it’s complicated.” The social media trends are popping up on all screens and sizes. Social media is live, lived in, and in the moment. Get inside the brilliant minds of the industry’s renown social media marketers. Jabez LeBret, Mel Carson, Merry Morud, Melissa Fach, Eric Qualman and more, share their thoughts on what to expect in #SMM 2017.

8 Awesome Ways to Declutter Your Digital Life by @LisaBuyer

Lisa Buyer's Digital Detox Secerts

#ThisIsUs. As a recovering digital media addict working, I know a thing or two about file hoarding.  And the bad email subscription habits. This is my first article in a monthly series focused on digital lifestyle management. Hope it brings you inspiration for work/life balance.

I’m headed to the Pubcon SFIMA event February 21-22 in Fort Lauderdale. Hope to see you there or follow me on social.

Is there anything you read this year that we missed? Share it in the comments!


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