Lisa Buyer with Groundswell’s Charlene Li Video Interview


It’s what every CEO should know, SES San Jose keynote speaker Charlene Li maps future of search and social media at SES San Jose 2009.

CEO’s, decision makers, marketers, and business owners need to break out of the bubble and explore social media. An authentic relationship with clients and prospects via social media can create essential benefits for any business.

Charlene Li, the Founder of Altimeter Group and co-author of Groundswell, gave her keynote speech at SES San Jose 2009 on the future of search.  Charlene described the “pyramid,” outlining your target market, in particular, those who are sharing the content you provide. Charlene also said that companies need to start at the bottom and reach out to those who are consuming and absorbing your content.  The first step is interacting with those consumers, which in turn builds a stronger foundation to market your product.

The video below shows portions of Li’s speech about CitySearch partnering with Facebook and also commentary from The Buyer Group’s Lisa Buyer and Pattie Simone, from Pattie suggests that companies are still silent about giving up control in the social media space when they should encouraging the use of this medium. Charlene confirms this saying that companies must create relationships in social media space in order to foster trust and authenticity. Lisa Buyer adds a client case study about how The Buyer Group has created relationships of value for their client using social media tools such as Facebook, YouTube and Twitter.

The Buyer Group highly recommends the book Groundswell to all clients and prospects to get Li’s perspective and valuable insight on the impact social media and social networks for all businesses.



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