Lisa Buyer Releases Social PR Secrets 4th Edition


Social PR agency owner and author Lisa Buyer is dishing out her latest 2018 secrets in the 4th edition of Social PR Secrets.Social PR Secrets

How early should we get to the social PR party?
The time is now.
You are not too early. You are not too late.

It’s required reading for college students, it’s a hashtag for the digital marketing community, it’s a movement for the PR industry.

At a time when social media and public relations opportunities are evolving and expiring literally on a daily basis…When yesterday’s received wisdom on reaching an audience is today’s cliché…When the fortunes of a particular social platform can plummet on the basis of a negative tweet by an influencer – hello Kylie Jenner, goodbye Snapchat…Is there any value in a book — an actual printed, turn the page, highlight a paragraph you find enlightening book — about the current state of social media? l

In the case of Lisa Buyer’s Social PR Secrets: How to Optimize, Socialize and Publicize Your Brand, the answer is a resounding “Yes!”

Four Times is a Charm!

In fact, the 4th edition of the book that has become required reading for digital marketers, public relations professionals, entrepreneurs, college students and CMOs is arguably the most important version yet. In the course of 32 chapters and more than 400 pages, Lisa Buyer makes sense of the 2018 social media landscape in a manner that is entertaining, humorous and compelling – the marketer’s equivalent of a summer beach read, with the bonus of a stunning amount of valuable information, including carefully curated resources, tools and platforms.

The new edition takes a fresh look at every aspect of social media as it relates to public relations, with chapters that address streaming and podcasting; Instagram, Pinterest, Twitter and the much maligned Snapchat; even the venerable press release, which stubbornly remains alive in the face of repeated claims that it has gone the way of the dinosaurs.

New Chapters on Chatbots and AR/VR

Several new social media tools are addressed for the first time in the new edition. Among these are:


By the year 2020, we’ll be having more conversations with chatbots than with our spouse, and 80% of brands will use these computer programs for customer-centric interactions. Savvy marketers are using chatbots to create intimate connections and stronger relationships with customers. Bots bring customers to a channel far more efficiently than email, with Facebook Messenger delivering up to a 90% open rate compared to the 20% open rate of emails.


AR, VR and MR

It’s Social VR. Augmented, virtual and mixed reality have made the leap from intriguing if initially vague theory to demonstrably effective practice. Leading edge marketers are using these technologies to humanize brands, prepare for crisis communications, amplify a company’s media relations and allow audiences to experience an organization’s promise. Indeed, Social PR Secrets argues that augmented, virtual and mixed reality represent a pivotal moment in marketing history equivalent to the milestones of the Internet, websites, email and search engine optimization.

Social PR Secrets Covers Social Media Addiction

Social media and meditation? The new edition also addresses the current hot topic of “digital detox,” the inevitable reaction of more and more folks to the 24.7 cycle of social media and its inevitable creep into every element of our lives.

Of course, the genie of social media is already out of the bottle, and Social PR Secrets confronts this issue head-on with realistic and actionable strategies to help social media users regain control of their time. Social PR Secrets shares apps to give you some on the spot zen time and spark creativity.

The Foreword Inked by Guy Kawasaki

Ultimately, as Silicon Valley icon Guy Kawasaki argues persuasively in his foreword to the book, “If PR people don’t embrace social media, they will be left in the dust.” The 4th edition of Social PR Secrets ensures that you’re not one of those unfortunates.

Social PR Secrets, the 4th edition, is now available on Amazon as of June 2018.


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