Lisa Buyer Joins aimClear Facebook Panel at SMX West



Lisa Buyer Joins aimClear Facebook Marketing at SMX WestGenerating over 600 million users in just over 7 years, Facebook is an online marketer’s playground – a great gold rush of our time, according to aimClear.

TheBuyerGroup CEO Lisa Buyer (@lisabuyer) joins the panel of accomplished international Facebook marketers for aimClear’s FacebookMarketingIntensiveWorkshop to share tips, tactics and best practices for “free” organic optimization, paid “Facebook Ads” advertising, and harnessing Facebook’s massive online community to achieve KPIs.

Joining aimClearpresident Marty Weintraub (@aimClear) and aimClear account manager Manny Rivas (@mannyrivas), Buyer will focus on how clients can bring Facebook into their PR mix, deliver strategic news via Facebook business pages and leverage the site’s enormous potential to generate other news and fresh sources.

Together with Facebook community super heroes Lauren Litwinka (@beebow) and Merry Morud (@merrymorud), Buyer’s module delves into “A Day in the Life of a Facebook Community Manager”, balancing Facebook automation and personalization as well as taking into consideration the empowerment of personal journalism. Considering 65% of journalists use social media sites such as Facebook for story sources, Buyer’s social PR centric module will cap off with tips on serving the media via Facebook.

Attendees will also learn bulls eye tactics for targeting potential customers as well as amassing deep data on competitors’ most engaged friends. What you do with that data is between you and the Facebook Gods (or if you’re Charlie Sheen, Goddesses)

Ever wonder what a friend costs on Facebook? aimClear industry pal Will Scott (@W2Scott) will take the stage to share bad ass case studies and mind blowing CPF (Cost Per Friend  ) scenarios.

SMXWest will be held in San Jose, CA from March 8-11. Whether you are a beginner or SEM expert, you work at (or with) an agency or manage search marketing in house – SMX West has programming to fit your needs.  So register today, or follow @lisabuyer for all the latest and greatest highlights during the week!


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