Like, Like, Like, Sold! The Power of Facebook’s Newsfeed


How many Likes does it take to make a sale? Good question! Just how Likeable are you?

Since social media took over, literally… businesses have been looking for ways to use the social oomph to boost bottom lines. According to comScore, however, many of them have been approaching the effort from the wrong direction. In partnership with Facebook, comScore released a whitepaper called The Power of Like 2 that aims to show businesses the right way to turn social media fans into lifelong customers.

The key is to go beyond fan acquisition and focus more on

  • Fan reach
  • Engagement
  • Amplification.

comScore uses several examples to illustrate how focusing more on what happens after someone “Likes” a fan page can have a real world effect. For example, comScore found that after Starbucks earned media exposure on Facebook, they experienced an increase in in-store purchases for a month.

But editorial media exposure isn’t the only way businesses can achieve brand recognition and entice their customers into their stores. comScore found that paid ads on Facebook also positively influenced user buying behavior. The Power of Like 2 promises to provide new and established businesses with a greater understanding of how social media works so they can create marketing campaigns that drive the bottom line in the direction they want it to go: up.

How can Fan pages increase the likelihood of reaching their Fan base? 

Publishing content

  • Highly engaging can increase the likelihood of content appearing in the Newsfeed.
  • More often can also increase the rate at which Fans see content.
  • A Facebook analysis suggests that each incremental day of publishing branded content from the Facebook Page increases the reach among Fans by approximately 2.5 percent

Get the Like in the Newsfeed.

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Learn How to Put Facebook to Work.



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