Life in the Social Media Fast Lane by The Buyer Group


Are you so addicted to computers that you find yourself typing in your password into your bank ATM? If so, you’re not alone.

If it feels as though time accelerated in 2010, that’s because it did. Social conversation started with a trickle until it swelled into the tsunami we know today. For every hour spent online, Internet users in the U.S. are spending 13.5 minutes using social media. 46 percent of Internet users globally spend more hours per week on social media than any other online activity. Why? Because everything is real-time.

Social media has reached the masses and it’s customized to you, the fan. Today it’s no longer about blaring a generic message at everyone within earshot. Instead, information is sent through ‘real-time’ technologies via status updates, blog posts or tweets paired with Facebook ads tailored to you, the target customer, topped off by promoting a brand or service through explosively popular websites like Groupon, valued at $15 billion, and Foursquare, which has risen to 6 million users and is now valued at $250 million.

This means that ongoing real-time contribution through status updates, check-ins, tweets or link sharing is progressively part of most people’s social networking contribution. 64% trust social media more if the author or sponsor is responsive, the power of now has never been stronger.

Are you part of the 36% who check their tweets at least once a day or are you a part of the 47% of 18-34 year olds who check their Facebook as soon as you get up? Numbers don’t lie, so make sure to monitor your social media.


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