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Jabez LeBret LinkedIn Expert AdviceIf you are looking for Jabez LeBret, one place you can always find him is on LinkedIn, the world’s largest professional network. LeBret, Chief Innovation Officer at Get Noticed Get Found (GNGF), is my latest guest for the UF #PUR4932 speaker series, and in a Google HOA interview, he walked us through the powerhouse benefits of maximizing LinkedIn for business.

LinkedIn launched a year before Facebook in 2003 and while it did not have the supersonic adoption speed spawned by Mark Zuckerberg’s social network, LinkedIn has grown slowly and steadily into what is known today as the “professional network.” While the Facebook bubble appears to have burst, then make a comeback, then appears to burst again (you get the picture), LinkedIn has been developing into a premiere social network for brands and businesses of all types and sizes.

Who’s on LinkedIn?
  • 300+ million people in more than 200 countries and territories
  • Your prospects, vendors, and strategic partners
  • People who can afford your product or services
Social PR Secret: LinkedIn users have the highest annual income per user compared to other social media networks. It is the richest network as far as user income is concerned.


LinkedIn Social PR Secrets

While LinkedIn might be tagged as “all business”, the social networking aspect puts it at the top of a social media manager’s hit list. Why? LinkedIn Company Pages let businesses start and build relationships.

One of the most engaging Company pages on Linkedin is Mashable, but you don’t have to be a large brand to be successful on LinkedIn.  Businesses small and large have the same opportunity to report company news, influence search results, engage with customers, prospects and journalists, attract top talent, share industry knowledge, promote educational content and reach the mobile user.

LeBret believes LinkedIn is still an underutilized network and says, “It offers a great opportunity for positive brand exposure and interaction in a place where there aren’t a lot of marketers to compete with.”

Company Pages for the Social Media Win!

While LeBret admits to using LinkedIn company pages primarily to support other online platforms, he does explain that having a LinkedIn company page offers some unique and positive benefits.

For larger corporations like Coca-Cola, their LinkedIn page is where people go to get more information, much like Wikipedia. When it comes to smaller businesses, LinkedIn is a great way to provide more information about the company by sharing blogs, employee highlights and company news. And, for the majority mid-sized brands, LinkedIn offers search engine benefits. It ranks really well on search engines and is a good way to get page one control on the company name for branded searches.

Optimize Company Pages for SEO Benefits By:
  • Using keywords in the company description
  • Including business hours
  • Adding the location if it’s a brick and mortar company
  • Including the website’s URL

6 LinkedIn Management Mistakes to Avoid

I asked LeBret to fill us in on what mistakes he sees companies making on LinkedIn so we won’t make the same ones. He said too many people are just throwing spaghetti at the wall and don’t understand that they need to keep up with their image on LinkedIn. Here are some of his top mistakes to avoid.

1. Sloppy executives’ profiles.
If you’re in charge of the company’s social media, it’s also important you make sure the top people in the company have great profiles because people will search for them (and they’re connected to your company page!)

2. Not fact checking and optimizing every area of LinkedIn.
Even if the LinkedIn profiles and pages were made before you came on board, it’s your responsibility to make sure it properly reflects the company and is optimized. Thoroughly go through every part of LinkedIn and make sure the copy is written properly and current. Also, check that all of the right executives are connected to the company page.

3. No goals? No results.
It’s hard to write copy with the right angle if you don’t even know why you’re using the network. Consider all of the important components of LinkedIn and know why you’re going to put time into it. LinkedIn is a great way to present your company in a professional manner. Come up with some goals that you want to get out of using it and watch it take off.

4. Falling off the grid.
If you participated in a discussion in a group, stay engaged and don’t walk away. Schedule time throughout the day to manage LinkedIn to comment on discussions, share information and thank people for sharing it. If you comment once on a thread, people will see you. If you stay active in the conversation they will notice you and maybe even reach out to you.

5. Shortsighted visuals.
Without visuals, LinkedIn Company pages can be a waste of social media time and resources. Be sure you have a cover image that is brand centric and a profile image that stands out in the newsfeed. Company updates should have a unique image that helps tell the story and draws the reader in.

6. Forgetting the numbers.
LinkedIn Company pages come with its own analytics. Be sure to measure what matters and monitor ROI.

Social PR Secret: Did you know 92% of journalists have a LinkedIn account? LinkedIn company pages can act an extension of your brand’s newsroom and way for journalists to follow your company news. Use company pages as way to influence the media in your industry and create relationships with customers and prospects.


For more LinkedIn Social PR Secrets, check out LeBret’s video interview recorded for my University of Florida Social Media Management class.

Is your business taking advantage of LinkedIn Company Pages? It’s hard to justify NOT using the power of LinkedIn!



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