Interview: @LisaBuyer and @LuluGrimm Share #SocialPRSecrets


Lisa Grimm and Lisa Buyer at ZenithTools, TV Shows and Twitter Time. They share the same name and the same likes; Lisa Buyer and Lisa Grimm also shared the same stage three years in a row at the Zenith Social Media Conference for their session Breaking Bad with Twitter in 2014.


The two Lisa’s had all the answers to these big social media questions:


What Tools Can You Not Live Without?

Lisa Buyer

#1 Google Analytics. If you are not using the social reporting inside GA, you might as well be wearing a blindfold in social media.

#2 Buffer App is a tool I could not live without, I use Buffer to go back to take pieces of content and slice and dice it into social news segments to be reported across social. The latest Buffer for Business hits a social splash of brilliance! It is the best $50 a month a brand can spend if you are handling multiple accounts.

#3 More of a platform than a tool – Rebel Mouse is incredible for offering a very easy way to integrate your brand’s social networks into one customized social publication. You can create a blog, website or social page in seconds by connecting your social networks like Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, Google+ and LinkedIn.

 Lisa Grimm

A chunk of uninterrupted time,a notebook, fine point Sharpie (or mechanical pencil) and Twitter. While I love my iPhone, iPad and Macbook Air – and the efficiency and connection devices enable – I find that slowing down, concentrating on my thoughts and writing things down by hand is the best place to start.

There’s a lot happening in my brain, so removing myself from devices where I’m distracted and the act of hand writing my thoughts is a new area of focus.

As far as Twitter goes, it’s the greatest real-time information and communication tool the world has ever known. Here, I access valuable information that keeps me sharp, have a dialogue about topics of interest and build my network. It’s by far my favorite social tool.


How do you keep up on the latest industry happenings?

Lisa Buyer

I have certain publications that I receive every tweet via push notification and I monitor it like a news ticker. Anything I see that is breaking I can be practically first to tweet or I favorite it for later. I do not recommend this for everyone. It drives my family crazy because my phone is constantly buzzing. I have it on DND from 10 pm to 7 am. 🙂

 Lisa Grimm

Three things.

  1. I read, a lot. News, tech/ad trade, and blogs. Feedly helps manage this, along with a few email digests from my favorite publications. Also, books – both business and a plethora of other topics.
  2. Twitter.
  3. Conversations with people far smarter than me 🙂


Is there a TV show you cannot live without. Go!

Lisa Buyer
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I have two.

  1. #TodayShow I watch every morning and believe it or not they are first on a fair share of trending news stories. The Today Show rebrand last summer includes the #orangeroom with Carson Daly as the host, it’s like a social talk show within the traditional morning show.
  1. #MasterofSex  – This show takes women (and men) from the bedroom to the lab room to the boardroom and back. I love this show for so many reasons, especially that it is based on a true story of the Masters and Johnson research team, namely William H. Masters and Virginia E. Johnson.

The two pioneered research into the nature of human sexual response and the diagnosis and treatment of sexual disorders and dysfunctions from 1957 until the 1990s. .

Do a little research on Virginia Johnson – talk about breaking glass ceilings!

 Lisa Grimm

One is not enough. I’m still going through withdrawal from True Detective and House of Cards (season two), so naturally I turned to the 90s cult classic, Twin Peaks, on Netflix. I’m looking forward to the last season of Mad Men.


“The Lisa and Lisa social media sessions are legendary in Minnesota and the only panel we run every year at Zenith. These two social PR dynamos have gorgeous chemistry. The sessions are jam-packed with actionable tactics, pure money in the bank. We doubt that there are many social media conferences anywhere in the world, which feature the same panelists year after year after year,” said Marty Weintraub, aimClear founder and evangelist and Zenith conference chair, in an interview from Sydney, Australia.

Buyer is author of SocialPRSecrets and CEO of The Buyer Group Social PR Agency and Grimm is Director of PR and Social at space150

Meet Lisa Buyer and Lisa Grimm next year at Zenith Social Media Conference 2015!



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