Instagram for #PR: Mobile Photography Tips Tell a News Story

Updated July 19, 2016 with Canva Mobile App

Lights, iPhone, App-tion. Mark Zuckerberg definitely got the picture when he made the move earlier this year with the pre-IPO purchase of Instagram. Since then its growth has been staggering with the latest ComScore numbers reporting Instagram numbers passed Twitter in daily active users on mobile. To say that Instagram has figured out mobile engagement is an understatement and factor in the rise of mobile news: Nearly 70% use mobile technologies to monitor, read and share news.

InstaPR – It’s time for brands to start reporting news in image news feeds.

Mobile PR: Reporting News Via Instagram
Instagram turned 2 years old this week and has since spawned a new era in mobile journalism: Mobile PR: Reporting News Via Instagram

Studies show content with images perform 91% better than content without images. Now with the surge of social networks Instagram and Pinterest, images are becoming a magnetic factor to social media and public relations messaging. Add to the mix the iPhone, and brands are empowered with capture, process, transmit and share images globally and on the spot!

CNN’s iReport hosted a Q&A on Facebook with special guest  multimedia journalism professor and Instagram star Richard Koci Hernandez . He shared his favorite filters, light tips and apps for taking the best on the spot mobile photography!


Mobile PR Tips to Capture the Best iPhone Picture

Mobile PR Tip Number 1 : It’s all about the light. Know light and photographing in the right light –early morning  or late evening for the subject has the potential to make the most ‘boring’ situation into a spectacular one!

Mobile PR Tip Number 2 –Edit, edit edit,. Keep yourself from posting everything. Only post the best. Your audience will grow.

Mobile PR Tip Number 3 – Don’t use the zoom, if you want to get close ups, move closer. Catching photos of a surfer? Get in the water!

Mobile Tip Number 4Learn to lock your exposure and focus, your photos will improve 100%. With the default camera app you can tap and hold on the screen to set where you want your exposure and focus, once the box ‘blinks’ it’s locked. You can also use other apps like ProCamera to separately set and lock the exposure and focus.

Instagram for PR - Reporting via pictures!
Instagram for PR – Reporting via pictures!

Mobile PR Tip Number 5Master the tool and your creativity will soar. Practice taking pictures in between the days when it matters most.

Apps to Love by for Mobile PR
Canva on iPhone

Camera +
Lo-Mob  – for retro looks to mobile public relations

“People do not understand the unbelievable opportunity that mobile photography is giving photographers,” Hernandez said. “It’s a golden age.”

For PR too.

Capture and report your brand story via mobile photography, instant news with visual punch.

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Insta Factoid: Did you know Instagram was founded on October 6, 2010, just two years ago this week!



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