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Buffer for public relations, it’s a #SocialPRSecret worth sharing.

buffer for social pr
Buffer Co-founder Leo Widich and Social PR Chat Editor Lisa Buyer’s social worlds collide at the AllTwitter Conference in San Francisco.

Question: Would you ever hide positive media coverage or delete your brand’s helpful blog posts? If you don’t have a Social PR system in place to republish your company’s newsworthy and informative content, your content could be buried so deep it might as well not be there. Without a recycling publicity system to share past content and news; your brand is missing out on the benefits of repurposed public relations visibility, potential media coverage and quality visits to your company newsroom, blog or website. What good Social PR pro would not want that?

Meet Buffer: A Social Way to Recycle Publicity

Buffer is a super smart social media tool with built-in intuitiveness resulting in ways to share images, quotes, excerpts, links, schedule RTs, measure.  Check out all the accounts you can connect to Buffer and recycle publicity using published (and approved) content from your blog or website.

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Inspirations to get more publicity

Distribute at the best time, republish old media coverage – suddenly, what’s old is new again. The problem with media attention is that it becomes lost and forgotten the day after it is published. Keep that positive news vibe alive by circulating it through your social media networks on a regular and consistent basis through Buffer.

Bring attention to boring content like executive bios or other content-rich pages that are typically low on the totem pole for social promotion but your audience might find interesting (hint, hint: an influential blogger or reporter). For example; if your CEO graduated from an ivy league school or does something interesting outside of work, use that factoid in a Tweet and a link back to the full bio. Maybe the CEO like teaches yoga as a hobby or is an award-winning artist, bring attention to that page of information via Buffer and your favorite social network.

Recycle informative blog posts – Why guess? Go straight to your Google Analytics and check out the Behavior > Site Content > All Pages to see what is your top content and see what blog posts or pages are most popular and which just need a little social love.

Read the Buffer blog for key insights and research – The Buffer blog is a source to add to your public relations content diet. What do I love about it? The Buffer team covers everything from productivity to content curation to how to find your social media sweet spot of happiness.

Spread your brand story after hours and on weekends – Schedule your brand’s newsworthy messages over the weekend or after hours to keep the social flow going. You can rebirth old but newsworthy content on your website or blog or break out the new stuff.

Analytics to tell the boss – Besides connecting with Google Analytics and being able to reshare your most popular Tweets; Buffer makes it easy to prove your social public relations worth with easy reporting that makes your boss or client smile. Idea: Use Buffer Analytics to see your most popular messages over the last 3 months and pick the most popular to recycle over the next few months. Forget the rest and repurpose the best!

Follow Buffer Co-founder and COO Leo Widrich on Twitter (@LeoWid) for inspirations on public relations transparency, authenticity, leadership, motivation and success tips for start-ups or any size business. Buffer’s success comes with challenges and there are lessons to be bookmarked on how to best handle a crisis situation. Last year the Buffer App technology was hacked and it potentially impacted Buffer’s million plus users, a situation that could have been a recipe for disaster. Instead, Leo and his team put their company culture to the test and ended up with a case study of what to do in time of crisis: be authentic, swift and open in communication.

Content ideas your community will love! Run out of content ideas? No problem? Now Buffer has content suggestions that you can easily edit and make it your own.

What does Buffer do?

Buffer is a great tool that will help you in two main ways. First, you can write many posts at one time, and choose which social profiles to send them to, and then Buffer will spread them out throughout the day or week so that you don’t have to be at a computer all the time in order to have a social media presence. Second, since it shortens your links for you, Buffer provides more analytics than if you just were to post to Twitter or Facebook directly. For example, Buffer tells you exactly how many people clicked on each link you shared. Learn more by reading the Buffer FAQ section.

So what happens to those press releases, blog posts and news articles after they publish? Do they get filed in a category, tagged for later, shared a few times and then that’s it, game over and onto the next new story.Spread the your brand news with Buffer, and let the sharing begin.

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