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If you haven’t heard the latest Facebook Marketing Fashion Report, here’s the word on the street according to Dennis Yu, Alison Zarrella and Will Scott:PubCon's Facebook Marketing Panels Talks in Likes and Shares

What’s OUT

  • Buying Fans

  • Custom Apps Auto Posted Content

  • Right Hand Side Ads

  • Poking

What’s IN

  • Sharing

  • Promoted Stories

  • Custom Audience Targeting

The New Orleans Pubcon Facebook Marketing panel lineup includes a scoop of analytics, a dash of organic and a splash of local, blended well, shaken and never stirred. In preparation for the session I’ll be moderating on April 24th @Pubcon NOLA; Dennis, Alison and Will share some insider tips with the promise of more to come at the live session!

Dennis Yu
Does Analytics:Dennis Yu

Should brands go for the Facebook Like or Share? Dennis Yu is co-founder and Chief Executive Officer at BlitzMetrics, a software company that builds social media dashboards for major brands, media, and retail companies, specializing in the intersection of local and Facebook advertising.

“Facebook’s News Feed algorithm gives up to 1,300 percent more weight to shares than likes when it comes to what’s shown near the top of a user’s feed, affecting a promotion’s viral performance,” Dennis said in a recent AdWeek story.

“Shares are the best for word of mouth,” he said. “It says people endorse your content to the point of putting their reputation on the line. Your ad or post is interesting enough where people are willing to share it.”

Favorite apps marketers should know about?

Boomerang for Gmail (for follow up reminders),  Marketo and Infusionsoft (for enterprise and smallbiz followup), and FancyHands (personal assistant for anything).

What Facebook Marketing news source should marketers subscribe? and

How many hours a day are you on Facebook?

Any time I’m not sleeping or taking care of bodily functions. But if I could shower with Facebook on, I would!

Biggest mistake/misconception brands make on Facebook

That Facebook ROI is not possible– it’s highly the key measurable and key to amplifying real world word of mouth.

Fave Brand on Facebook:

Marketo– they have made B2B sexy and profitable.

Screen Shot 2013-04-17 at 12.57.32 PMAlison Zarrella is Organic

Whether it’s tricks to avoid defriending, zeroing in on brands to follow for Black Friday or applying the best cover and profile strategy,  Alison Zarrella wrote the book on Facebook marketing – literally!  As co-author of The Facebook Marketing Book from O’Reilly, Alison is a self described Facebook fanatic who also happens to be married to a social media mad scientist and PubCon fave Dan Zarrella. I’m thinking they must talk about character count versus link placement at the dinner table in between Twitter tequila shots.

During the PubCon session, Alison digs deeper into these tips:

  • ScoringThe new Facebook changes, combined with EdgeRank, make photos a key player in any Facebook marketing strategy
  • Engaging Values: The increasingly important value of sharing; perhaps even replacing “likes” as social currency
  • One Like Stands: The Newsfeed is front and center, and the place where more than 90% of fans view content, as most don’t return to your page after the first “like”
  • Paying for Love: Both paid and organic targeting features allow pages to create unique messages that speak to sub-sections of their fans.

Favorite apps marketers should know about?

I love the Facebook Page Manager mobile app, it’s great on the go. For your page itself there are some great tab template tools that make contests and tabs a breeze if you aren’t a full-fledged developer.

What Facebook Marketing news source should marketers subscribe?

AllFacebook and Inside Facebook are my 2 faves

How many hours a day are you on Facebook?

However many I’m not sleeping =)

Biggest mistake/misconception brands make on Facebook

I think sometimes brands try a little too hard to be timely or trendy. If it doesn’t work for your brand, don’t try and make it fit. Not every brand has a tie to the Superbowl, for example. And that’s OK. Also, pushing too hard for a like or share–it should feel natural, not “Comment if you think A, like if you think B. share if you think C!”

Fave Brand on Facebook: Oreo


Screen Shot 2013-04-17 at 12.58.20 PMWill Scott on Local

Rumor has it that New Orleans residents should have five good costumes ready to go at any given time, we’ll have to ask Will Scott if it’s true since he is a #NOLA local who also happens to focus on Local Search and Social Marketing. Will plans to drop some serious local knowledge on the PubCon crowd when it comes to Facebook Marketing, but in the meantime some of Will’s marketing likes include:

Favorite apps marketers should know about?

Hootsuite App and CardMunch.

What Facebook Marketing news source should marketers subscribe?

CheckFacebook, All Facebook, aimclear Blog

How many hours a day are you on Facebook?

However many I’m not sleeping =)

Biggest mistake/misconception brands make on Facebook

That it can’t be used for direct lead-gen.

Fave Local Brand on Facebook:  Audubon Zoo, New Orleans

As CEO and founder of  Search Influence, Will leads a team of 20+ dedicated professionals who put customer enthusiasm first. The Search Influence philosophy:  the Internet, Search Engine Marketing, Search Engine Optimization and Social Media need to become accessible to small businesses for their success.

If you can’t make it to PubCon, follow the live tweeting via #pubcon from @lisabuyer @dennisyu  @alison or @w2scott





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