How #Yoga Can Save Your Social Media Obsessed Life. #Blab

The digital dish
Yoga for Life

Are you running social media or is social media running you? There’s a yoga pose for that.

Meet up with The Digital Dish co-hosts Lisa Buyer and Cathy Hackl to talk with yoga entrepreneurs Paige Held and Kelly Green about the ROI yoga can play into social media marketing investments.

When: Thursday, April 28 at 12 pm ET
Where: Blab

It’s true – studies show yoga can reduce stress, improve balance and boost creativity for even the most Type A social media and public relations professionals. It’s time to bring mindfulness to the social media business and what a better way to start the conversation than with a question and answer from yogis who teach students everyday how to just let go.

Meet us on blab for a close encounter on the warrior pose kind and you will leave with actionable takeaways on how to not let social media take over your life. We call it NamaStaySane. 😍

Lisa Buyer also teaches a virtual reality yoga class, check it out more here.



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