How to Stay Social #PR Geek Chic In Google Analytics


Have you heard? Social #PR Chic Geek with AnalyticsWords like “social analytics” and “concatenate” are not for geeks! Grab a pair of stylish nerd glasses and say hello to designer dashboards that sparkle with bling, bling visuals and noteworthy ROI (return on investment).

It’s time to concatenate your public relations + social media + SEO and check out the results in the social media reports of Google Analytics.

It’s social PR savvy to learn a new word everyday!

Touring through the social media side of Google Analytics with SEO expert Joe Laratro and social media pro Melany Gallant, we had one of those “aha” moments when Laratro used the word concatenate as he was walking us through a Google Analytics social media tracking solution for blog posts.  I guess that’s what happens when you put SEO and Social PR pros together in a one screen share, we learn how to concatenate so we can deliver more efficient public relations and marketing results!

Social Media Reporting with Google Analytics.  

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Besides the new word, we took a deep dive into some share worthy reports and uncovered must have Social PR secrets in Google Analytics. Once inside your Google Analytics account, check out these sections and reports:


Google Analytics > Traffic Sources > Social >


>Overview – When the CEO asks for “Just the highlights please,” the overview gives a 20,000 foot view of the visits coming to your website or blog as a result of Social Media.


>Network Referrals – Find out if you are working for social media or is social media working for you. Do you get more traffic from Facebook or LinkedIn? or Does YouTube’s average visit on your website higher than all social referrals? As your Social PR content is shared and people come to your site, it’s important to understand how visitors from different Social PR sources engage with your site and also from where do they originate.


>Conversions – It’s the ROI or bust! First, make sure you define what your business considers a conversion. This could be an email sign up, a form being filled out,  a product order or some sort of a sale or even a download. Put monetary value on these conversions. Do you understand the impact of social media on your business?


>Trackbacks – Because you need to know who is linking back to your website! Get notified when another website or blog links to your domain’s news content. Why is this important? It let’s you see what Social PR news content is popular plus is the credibility, influence and SEO authority. Note: this is also an area for online brand reputation. Monitor your brand, even in social analytics!


>Landing Pages: Make it a priority to know which pages of Social PR content are being shared, where they’re being shared, and how.


>Social Plugins: Be sure to add Social Plugin buttons to your site such as Google “+1”  and “Pin” it buttons – and follow the content being shared so you can replicate success.


>Top Conversion Funnel – Do you understand the sequence of interactions that happen before a conversion and how social media fits in? You can add a ‘social’ filter to this report and share it with your CEO to prove exactly how social media factors into sales.


Social PR Conversions


Google Analytics > Conversions > Top Conversion Paths


Did you ever wonder how many interactions happen before a sales is made and where does social media fit into the journey of a conversion?  One of my favorite Social PR reports is a visual snapshot of  how your traffic sources work together to create sales and conversions.


Impressions Beyond Last Clicks


“Google Analytics has been and will always be killer at measuring referral traffic to websites. However, a large chunk of social’s impact is impression-based, much like TV. Often, there’s not even a ‘last click’, especially when it comes to CPG (consumer packaged goods).  For example, I see a Burger King post on Facebook and then walk into a store to buy a Whopper,” notes Dennis Yu, Blitzmetrics CEO and Social Analytics Evangelist.


“Google Analytics is a website-centric view of the world– it is one of many tools we need to assess the performance of our marketing” said Yu.“But a reminder: Google does not measure what happens on Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, or the other social channels.”


The Social Public Relations revolution is here and rapidly growing up. The question is: Are you ready to measure news content success and report on what really matters to the CEO and bottom line business?


Social #PR Marketers Measure Relevance


Social analytics isn’t just for geeks. It’s for anyone who wants to measure return on engagement. Understanding how and why people engage with you and your content, and how those efforts assist in conversions on your site helps understand how to make your brand more relevant. And relevance is a key part of social media success,” said Melany Gallant.


If you haven’t taken the leap of data faith into exploring Google Analytics, now is the social PR time. Ready to learn more about social analytics and start measuring what matters?






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