How to Stay #PR Skinny on the SEO Diet by @jlaratro


If you’re in the public relations industry and feel out of SEO shape, the SEO Diet might be just what you need to get fit.

What does ‘PR fit’ look like:

  • Influencing traffic
  • Optimizing PR content
  • Gaining  more visibility

Search marketing expert Joe Laratro published the slide deck version of his new book ‘The SEO Diet’ at PubCon 2012. Considering the influence public relations can have on SEO efforts, it’s no doubt it is a healthy combination with long lasting results!

PR Fad Diet vs PR Lifestyle Change

“How do you start your day?” Laratro asked a 2009 PubCon keynote crowd.

“With a swim,” responded Lee Odden, TopRank Marketing CEO and author of Optimize.

This spawned a conversation debating SEO’s dilemma of the practice of ‘consultation versus implementation’. Like many yo-yo diets out there – SEO is no quick fix and it is easy to get caught up in the consulting part of it, but it is the ‘doing part’ that really wins the race.

The SEO Diet is all about practicing the heavy lifting habits of implementation. SEO healthy living includes a balanced diet of content, link building, social media and constant monitoring. It’s all about feeding the search engines and social networks the fruits, veggies and healthy carbs to keep the Googles and Facebooks of the world happy.

Hello! PR = Content Looking at the basic foundation of public relations – press releases, newsletters, email marketing, online media coverage, white papers, blog posts, power points, bios, photos, videos – it’s all about content.

Social PR Tip:  PR  = Content; a main ingredient of the SEO Diet.

The SEO Diet at a Glance

Week  One  – Give it up. The first step in any diet  is to make sure analytics are in place. How do you measure up so there is a benchmark and progress can be tracked. For example: Google Analytics should be a part of today’s PR professional’s weekly routine to track referring track from online media coverage.

Week Two – Dig it up. Next step is to analyze all existing content. Do this by checking out published press releases and blog posts and make sure they are optimized with the right keywords, meta tags and descriptions. Take a look at linking structures and analyze inbound or external linking structure while also optimizing on-site links.

Week Three –  Link it up. Research and sign up for five free directories and three paid directories. This could be as easy as a free trade association directory or a paid membership listing with BusinessWire or even an association such as SFIMA. If you are looking for a reason to justify social media to the senior management; pass them this memo: Add social media to your SEO marketing diet. Engage four social media sites and build out optimized profiles to get extra search visibility and own more search results on your branded terms.

Week Four – Post it up. If you don’t have one already, it’s time to set up a blog and a blog schedule to go along with it. Remember this is not a ‘set it up and forget’ program, a blog needs once a week postings at a minimum to achieve maximum SEO Diet results. Next up is the new and improved optimized press release.Out with the PDF version of press releases, this is making you fat and not attractive to the search engines.

Social PR Tip: Google only LIKES the optimized press releases that that are in the best SEO shape.

Implementation Wins the PR Race!

Reading the book and never following the diet; it’s the bad habit that creeps into the PR/SEO world too.

Social PR Tip:Public Relations and SEO consulting rocks, as long as implementation is following right behind.

Like SEO, public relations is not a quick fix. It is a way of life;  part of a daily, weekly, monthly and annual routine that keeps your brands and domains positive, healthy and strong.  It is a routine that needs to have commitment in order to have momentum, results and ROI.

The SEO Diet Months 2-12

The Content Plan (PR peeps that means you!)

–2 Web Pages Per Week

–4 Blog Posts Per Week – (PR pros should be blogging pros)

–1 Press Release Per Month –

•The Link Building Plan

–2 Hours Per Week

• Social Media – Social PR •Reporting

–Weekly Monitoring

–Monthly Monitoring

–Implementation Tracking

Are you in PR shape? The SEO Diet might be for you.

You can find Joe Laratro speaking at PubCon New Orleans April 22-25 and get more insights in the SEO Diet.

Photo Credit: Steve Hall



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