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It’s no secret, I’m putting the sparkling edits on my soon to be published book Social PR Secrets;  how to optimize, socialize and publicize your company news. Ready to score more than brownie points? I’m giving away 10 advanced copies of Social PR Secrets; enter now or share the news with a friend.

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Social PR Secrets is designed to be a skinny,  quick and easy read filled with timely and actionable takeaways. After all, you can’t afford NOT to leverage social media and search marketing to gain more publicity and visibility.

Why did I write

Social PR Secrets?

Fifteen minute expert panel sessions, one hour workshops or 600 word articles were not enough, people kept asking me for more. Coming from a traditional public relations background, I discovered early on the powerful influence public relations, search engine optimization (SEO) and social media have on each other. After speaking at search marketing conferences such as SES, PubCon, MediaPost and SMX for the past eight years, I wanted to give marketers and PR professionals more of an end-to-end pocketguide. Social PR Secrets shares tips, tricks and takeaways on how today’s brands can leverage SEO and social media to gain more publicity and visibility.

A Social PR Secrets Sneak Peak

Today, news happens in a tweet—instant, clear, and to the point. The entire public relations industry is evolving thanks to the social media revolution. PR professionals now find themselves in a new era, with their work increasingly influenced by social, mobile, and search marketing.

Companies have an incredible opportunity to exhibit more control over the delivery of their own news, as they can be the news, share the news, and make themselves part of any mainstream or breaking story. Brands are finding that being found on the first page of Google, or earning a social endorsement whether a +1, Like, Share, or comment, can be more rewarding as a traditional, front-page print newspaper story.

Social PR Secrets uncovers how public relations and online marketing professionals can use the latest Social PR strategies to gain more organic visibility, influence media, and reach their target markets directly. Every chapter in Social PR Secrets is packed with insider tips, tactics, and systems, presented in tweet-sized bites for simplicity and easy reading or sharing.



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