How to Optimize Your Facebook Business Page for Brand Power


Facebook marketing and optimization checklistFacebook as a Social PR tool has resulted in amazing success stories for large brands such as Redbull or a local brand such as The Yoga Joint.

Although Facebook users exceed 1.2 billion individuals, Facebook Brand Pages are finding it more competitive than ever to get in front of their target audience. Start by optimizing your profile with some of the Facebook best practices listed below, then refer to Bootcamp Digital’s infographic: The Facebook Marketing Checklist, to help guide you to a branded profile page.

1. Pick a Good Title

The title for a brand page is the company’s name. For internal and external SEO purposes, the name should spelled out, not an acronym. For example:

    • TBG = not good, who is it? What does it stand for?

  • The Buyer Group = better, now people know they’ve found the right page

2. Reserve a Custom URL

For Facebook purposes not using hyphens or underscores is recommended so users can easily access the page. Also, note that it does not have to be the entire name of the company and can be shortened. For example, use TheBuyerGroup not The_Buyer_Group, The-Buyer-Group, or TheBuyerGroupSocialPR.

*Hint: Imagine how it would appear on a business card.


3. Mark the Profile Image with a social PR-friendly version of your logo

Developing a logo icon for a new brand? Make sure to include social media friendly brand guidelines. If you already have a logo mark, give your social team a brand book with guidelines they follow for the infamous square profile images of Twitter, Instagram and Facebook.

Image example: 

epicurean facebook profile

4. Brand the Page with a Themed Cover Photo

Other than the profile picture, the cover photo is the only way to customize a company page. One way to use this resource to build brand awareness and continuity across the platforms is by using the same color scheme that is featured on the company website. You can also use a photo that best reflects the company.

Taking a magazine-like approach by updating the cover photo is one way to keep the Facebook page engaging.

Social PR Secret – Update your Facebook cover image each month to represent a theme in your editorial calendar.  When a photo is updated it appears in followers’ newsfeed which may entice them to visit the page to see the changes.

Some ways to update a cover photo include:

    • Highlighting a sale, special offer or promotion – include a link to the offer and more information in the description

    • Feature a social promotion

  • Tie your cover image into a holiday such as Valentine’s Day, Fourth of July or a conference

The Facebook Marketing Checklist

Image Credit: Bootcamp Digital

Click here for the full Facebook Marketing Checklist article or check out Bootcamp Digital for social media savvy online training or for some extra tips check out The Buyer Group’s Brand PR page.

Keep in mind that you can only get as much out of your Facebook Brand Page as you put into it and that it will take time to grow a following and see results. If you’d like to go beyond the Facebook basics and take your page and other social networking accounts to the next level, contact The Buyer Group for a full social media audit.


  1. Thanks Lisa for helpful share! Facebook is at the top of the list of choices for social marketing. The new Pages to Watch option on the Facebook page now allows you to compare your own page with competitors’ pages through metrics. The useful data that is derived out of this could go a long way toward improving marketing strategies and helping brands target advertising in more productive ways. Hope to see more value post about Facebook in next time.


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