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Do you have a checklist to optimize and personalize your social PR content?  In the 1990’s, getting publicity for your brand started with creating a press release, researching media outlets, and distributing your news content with a postage stamp. The next decade from 2000-2010 publicity was almost as easy as hitting “publish” on a blog post or creating a YouTube video. Today the mediums remain relatively the same but the competition on getting your content seen is fierce. In 2015 just hitting publish won’t work, proper distribution is key to maximize publicity, but how should you go about getting your content in front of your audience on their network?

Andrea Harrison, who heads up platform strategy at RebelMouse, shared her secrets on this very topic in the webinar From Content Marketing to Marketing with Content. Formerly the Digital Brand Director for PepsiCo Beverages, Harrison has participated on some huge projects like the Super Bowl, The X FACTOR, and more. She also made social media superstar status by achieving milestones like promoting the first social share contest to receive more than 100,000 photo entries and the first Twitter campaign to achieve more than 10% organic engagement.

Harrison attributes this success to optimizing content for better distribution and explained that the best way to spread content is for your audience to share it. They need to become your storytellers or brand ambassadors. Your brand’s voice has been given to customers, fans, consumers.

Here are some ways you can combine search and social tactics to make your content more shareable and maximize publicity.

Social PR Optimization Checklist: 12+ Awesome Tips

  • Post social PR content on newsworthy or trending topics in real-time or as David Meerman Scott calls it – newsjacking.
  • Share the most recent content as it’s typically the most relevant and likely to be spread.
  • Apply SEO mechanics for content to your posts: For example: use meta data, image tags, header slugs, and optimized, smart URLs.
  • Check your analytics to see which social sites have the highest referring traffic and then organize your social sharing buttons in that order. You already know your audience is using that network so they are more likely to share to it.

Here are the results from when RebelMouse tested that trick out!


Social Shares Increased by 223 percent for Rebel Mouse

Social PR Secret: When breaking news happens, it is crucial that you add in your own content as quickly as possible.

  • Always have an area or widget where there is related content (see the bottom of this article for an example).
  • Use A/B testing on social media posts by posting two different headlines and comparing click engagement. Then optimize your content with the best-performing title.

A/B testing on social media posts

  • Be sure that where your content originated is optimized for wherever it lands.
  • Take a hint from YouTube and pre-optimize everything using HTML5.
  • Go beyond how your content will look on desktop. Many people access their social media through apps so make sure it renders well inside the app.
  • People will abandon sharing content if it loads with issue or random image. Make sure all content has one good visual that is a part of the share message and is sized and optimized for where it will end up.
  • Add social calls-to-action at the end of your content to get people to participate and drive loyalty. This is done pretty regularly after someone takes a quiz and it prompts them to share the results.

Add social calls-to-action at the end of your content

  • Take a lesson from the CRM playbook and map engagements over time and create a value based on interactions so you have data points to determine who is a high level consumer.
  • Add share value by producing content that your audience can relate to.

The RebelMouse webinar concluded with some key words of wisdom: Content drives community and community drives loyalty.

The CRM play of the future isn’t about data mining customers profiles but taking into consideration their likes and wants and things they’re sharing. With that data, you can optimize your content to make it more share-worthy and unlock unlimited publicity potential.

Want more social PR content tips follow Andrea Harrison of RebelMouse on Twitter and author Lisa Buyer.

What in the world is RebelMouse? Meet Lisa Buyer’s #SocialPRSecret https://www.rebelmouse.com/.

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Video Credit: RebelMouse


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